Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SS is letting us know what she wants for Christmas.

SS has wanted a set of drums since she was two years old. Probably before then, but she did not have the skills to let us know what she really wanted.  She has also begged for drum lessons for almost as long. We agreed an equally long time ago that if she took guitar or piano first, then we would reward her with drum lessons.  I have resisted the urge to get her a small drum set, because once SS gets going with the noise she is unstoppable.  Our tiny run away train.

P and I have been discussing what fall activities we would allow SS to take.  The girl will sign up for everything (football and basketball are at the top of her list) on the catalog if permitted. Must be nice to be six and not have a worry about cost.  We have settled on three, and drum lessons are not among them.  Never to be deterred, SS decided to show us how good it would be if she took lessons, because the girl really sucks at playing drums. Sorry, maybe in four to five years. We must admit that the appeal of drums we can turn off is very alluring.  We should throw in the piano for P and SS to make some extra money. They really make a cute duo.

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