Wednesday, September 04, 2013

And to think I've wasted time missing her.

After dinner this evening SS and I were in the van. P was still in front of the restaurant and I wasn't looking at his whereabouts. I'm in the middle of a conversation with SS when she panicked, I could see her fear face. She then said "Where's Baba? I CAN'T SEE BABA!" That kind of freak out has not happened in a while.  It's probably a by product of the slight change in roles we have recently experienced.  SS gets to spend much more time with her Baba, and barely notices my absence. Prior to my return to work SS would rely so much on me, sometimes to the exclusion of her father.  After spending all day with me, she would do her happy dance when P came home, then she would go back to asking me for anything she needed.  It's good that SS is relying more on her Baba, and I'm going to stop wasting time missing her. Sigh, wish I could.

P and I switched cars after dinner, and when we said our goodbyes SS sent me on a trip down memory lane. When she was very young, not very long after we came home, we were in the van and P was on the phone with me.  As our conversation ended, we did our usual I love you, and as soon as I said the word you SS did kissing sounds, two to be exact.  That is when I realized, much to my chagrin, that the girl really pays attention. Because that is how our calls usually end. Disgusting, I know, and rather embarrassing if I do that around adults.  Tonight that is exactly what SS did after we said goodbye. That girl just cracks me up all the time.

Because looking up to watch the TV right in front of her is too much effort.

There was a time when she patiently waited for her food to be served.  

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