Friday, September 06, 2013

It's music time.

Yesterday SS took her first music lesson, and we wish we could say it was a resounding success.  It is something that she has looked forward to for so long. And when we anticipate something for a long time, reality hardly ever meets our expectations. Except when it comes to having children of course.  In SS's world she would be handed an electric guitar connected to an amp, and a microphone. Instant rock star. We have been asked before why we have not enrolled SS in music lessons earlier, given her obvious love of music. Because she was way too young, and that was confirmed at the end of her lesson.

We were told that guitars would be provided as this is only six weeks, an introductory class. In another stroke of parental genius I neglected to ask if they had left handed guitars. Of course they didn't, and the same as with archery, we felt the instrument was too big.  The instructor felt that it was fine.  He also stated that we could have SS try to play right handed as it is not unusual for left handed people to play that way.  Last night P and I were discussing this issue. We firmly believe that SS is neurologically wired to use her left hand. We also worried that those around her would push her to use her right hand for convenience. Is it worth it to get her a used left handed guitar? By the way, it's the same damn instrument, only the strings are in reverse order. That is if you are right handed, to left handed folks it's the right order.

Oh no SS was not a happy camper. She missed the first class and the teacher had to bring her up to speed quickly.  We are surprised he did not boot her after the first fifteen minutes, because she really had a lousy disposition. Guess there are advantages to being so damn cute.  Like her brother, if she does not master a skill the first time presented, she pouts and wants to give up.  That is why we awful parents make sure to expose SS to as many different activities as possible, to challenge our inherently lazy child. 

Gee whiz, can't I get a break from instruction? If SS was miffed at the how to hold the guitar and use a pick lecture, the reading part placed in her in an even more foul mood. She had to learn about hand positions, frets, and chords. OY!  We were almost convinced that it was going to be her first and last lesson. But Teacher G was very patient, and got SS to play her first chord after what we thought were too many unsuccessful attempts. Then again neither one of us plays an instrument, so what the heck do we know.

Then it happened, her first chords were unexpectedly Jingle Bells. Ever since her preschool Christmas recital SS has been all about Christmas songs (much to our dismay, and year round). That is what got us the first smile of that horrific hour.  When the class was over teacher G informed us that he would keep her in the class. He also told us that SS is the first child under seven he has ever accepted. Uh, the brochure said six years and up. We toyed with enrolling her last year, and that is what deterred us. Teacher G said that she caught up well and did well.  Whatever that means. 

As we were leaving SS saw her dream car, and no we are not kidding. She screamed MONSTER TRUCK, and headed to admire the mammoth vehicle.  She quickly cozied up to the truck for a picture.  P thought it was cute as all get out and that made me laugh.  Because knowing SS she will ask for such a monstrosity as her first vehicle.  Not thinking for a second about the logistics involved given her size.

And yes, that is SS lovingly stroking the huge tire.She dreamily caressed the tire while saying "It's spiky too." Seriously, what else could anyone ask for in a child?

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