Tuesday, September 03, 2013

What is one to do in sweltering heat?

The header picture is SS's shout out to an amazing woman, Diana Nyad. OMG, that swim was just epic. The fact that she succeeded 35 years after her first attempt (29 years old for those of us under a rock or mathematically challenged) is just icing on the cake.  Never, ever give up on your dreams.  Diana epitomizes how SS was named. SS was named after a woman who instead of enjoying her well deserved retirement (by a long shot) instead took in a newborn girl at 67 years young. That girl grew to worship her grandma, nah, her Mami, and years later SS was named after that awesome woman who did not see age, race or creed. Mami was responsible for P and I, then us.

Oh yeah it's Batman! How tough is our girl? She did not let sweltering heat deter her. She wore her hoodie in said heat, defied the odds, because she was BATMAN! Until she wanted something from us, removed the mask and was her whiny self. 

Wait, she's now Spiderman.

Shooting spiderwebs from her wrists.

And climbing walls, What else could we ask for as parents?

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