Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Not bad for her second time.

We have to give kudos to our girl, because it was so darn hot last Friday, but SS stuck to the end of her lesson.  A few of the older kids quit because of the heat, and we would have gladly allowed SS to stop if she asked.  SS had a much easier time and the coaches are working with her really hard because they want to see her succeed.  And as much as she whines there is no better feeling than watching SS have a nice shot, then she looks at us with that cute little grin of hers. 

When I arrived last week P informed me that SS had managed two bull's eyes, and I was very sad to miss them. She had some very good shots, and she had not so nice shots. the important thing for us is that she does not allow her size to get in the way of trying new, fun things. 

And why was our baby full of attitude? Not a bull's eye, but her last try of the day.

SS was rewarded with a big stick for her efforts.

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