Friday, September 20, 2013


You know you are OLD when a simple two day stint at what was for us the easiest park ever leaves us messed up the rest of the week. I by no means consider P old, given our age difference, but he just can't stop complaining about getting old. His favorite line is "Are you going to trade me in for a younger model?" Funny thing is that I just love the changes I see in him. He is no longer a 150 pound guy who made a bet he could gain weight and failed miserably. P worked hard at increasing his caloric intake and fell very short of his goal. P complains about his gray hairs. Again, no sympathy since I have had them since childhood. Not at the rate I have now, but people would always comment on why on earth would a child have gray hairs. In my case it was just a matter of  getting more and more.  The man has no idea how incredibly hot he is, and I am not the only one in his fan club.  SS loves her Baba no matter what, but she especially loves his buzzed look. So as far as P is concerned his wife and daughter trump any other opinions. He is actually toying with shaving his head for a more clean look.

TGIF for me because P is working tomorrow, bummer. We are hoping to get some water time Sunday and it will depend on how P is feeling. 

SS oh so close to Legoland.

We are well aware that SS really needed a trim as this video shows.The girl looks like Cousin It and the fedora just accentuated the resemblance. I asked P to get her a trim Tuesday, and he reacted as though I asked him to pull an Abraham with SS as his Isaac. I calmly reminded him that I have done plenty alone with SS, including Saturday soccer games and many more things.  It took me a while to realize that SS has only had two trims since coming home. One with us before the Iowa wedding, and another one with just me. 

When I realized this I texted P that all he need to do was ask the hair dresser to trim two inches, even out the hair. I also told him to say NO to any suggestions of short, bobs (YUCK) or bangles (double YUCK).  I usually would not be this confident, but what P did not remember is how adamant SS is about having long hair. It comes with a cost, the detangling, the tears, the annoyance.  SS is our tiny Goliath, she just wants her hair long. Given the fit she threw last time I had her hair trimmed I knew she would set the hair dresser, and anyone at that establishment straight.  I should have requested more than two inches because the only way you can tell SS's hair met scissors is by the evenness. I am happy to report that both father and daughter survived the experience without a frantic call to the mama. 

We love the way SS says not breaking apart at the end of the video below. Not sure what she meant but it was cute. 

It's Iron Man!

Iron Man flying.

How cute is this close up? There have been concerns about whether SS is aware of her gender, given our lackadaisical attitude about indulging her super hero obsession. SS is VERY aware that she is a girl, a girl that is allowed by her parents to like what she likes. Just try saying she is a boy, because we are going to film it, put it in YouTube and it will go viral. SS is darn well aware of who she is.  Instead of parading around in princesses outfits, she has chosen to engage in more active play. SS has chosen to save the day, be the knight in shinning armor. It beats the hell out of growing up waiting for a guy to save her day and be her knight in shining armor.


Anonymous said...

Just a friendly lurker here. I felt compelled to de-lurk to let you know that I, for one, am a HUGE fan of the costume choices S makes.
We like what we like, and as females we shouldn't temper our desires to please some preconceived patriarchal ideal. So, I say "Rock on, S!"
And if you like making costumes you should check out this awesome website (It's not my site, I just visit):

2china4S said...

You just made my day! We are good letting the nay sayers roll off our backs. But sometimes it gets plain old and intrusive. Thank you.

I can't sew to save my life. There is no way I can make a costume for SS. :)