Monday, September 16, 2013

Legoland Waterpark

On Sunday we had an easy morning even though SS woke up at a little past six. We chilled, had breakfast, spent time in the hot tub, then cleared our room to head to the waterpark. The waterpark is very small but has many attractive features.  Unlike Soak City and other larger parks, SS was tall enough to ride almost all rides.  Their lazy river is only two and a half feet deep, and I was surprised to see many kids without a PFD.  The lazy river inner tubes have a base to build upon with plastic Legos. We were bummed when we couldn't ride together in the double inner tube. SS is so small that it is just easier to share a double. We have been able to do so at the other parks we have visited. They really hype the "build a raft" aspect of the lazy river, but it isn't as easy as it looks. P really spent a while trying to get the blocks to stay together.  When he was almost done I made the mistake of pushing him towards the waterfall (payback for earlier), and down went his blocks.  He finally managed to rebuild, and we got SS to jump just in time to his inner tube for a picture.  The things we do for our kids. 

In the small kid section they have a mini lazy river, and we thought that was so darn cool. No pressure or rowdy big kids.  SS took command of a crocodile in the small kid area and became rather possessive. There is a down side to growing as the only child at home.  When other kids tried to get on the crocodile SS would say "There's an elephant back there and a polar bear over there, go try one." She later tried to pull the same stunt with the water guns and we had to get her to sit down and chill.She actually body checked a huge girl when the girl got too close to SS's precious gun.

We were concerned that SS would have a fit when it was time to go home. Thankfully she has consistently been hanging around waterparks for four years now. SS knows there's going to be a next time. She is right, because we are hoping to get one more trip to Palm Springs before Soak City closes for the season. SS is our little water rat.  Before leaving the park SS made sure to use her Tooth Fairy money, with more of ours to purchase a Lego set. Because our child has never had a Lego set. We ate our leftovers from Saturday's dinner in the back of the van with the AC on high. It pays off to have a van and only one child. It's not the first time we have folded the back seats to have a picnic away from the oppressive heat.  We were home before six, because although we can DVR, there's no way P was going to miss Breaking Bad. I had a great time during my birthday weekend.  To keep up the pretense that it was about me P bought me an RD D2 key chain. Life's good.

SS at the entrance of her first big girl ride. She complained all the way to the top, even professing a fear of heights. We were relieved that she really enjoyed the experience.

It really worries us how at ease she is shooting at people.  It didn't help that people, some carrying little kids, kept walking in front of SS to get wet. One lady went over to SS and guided her aim, I was about to get up when I realized that the woman wanted SS to get her small daughter wet. We had a crack up moment when a very busty woman got in front of SS and our girl got her right between her huge breasts. SS is a breast girl and we were embarrassed when she was giggling like a fool at her good shot and fortune. No worries for P though, not only does he get the breast obsession, he reminded me that we can always pretend we are not with SS. 

Too bad that Legoland/Legoland Waterpark season passes are obscenely expensive, because this raft ride was our favorite.  It slides slowly and does not tip over on landing.

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