Friday, September 13, 2013

Another one bites the dust.

Our baby lost another upper tooth today, and it happened at school. I dropped SS off this morning with a wiggly tooth, and she excitedly showed me her treasure box from the nurse's office when I picked her up.  SS has been full of wisdom today, this morning she figuratively knocked me on my rear when she expounded on a subject P and I are incredibly indecisive about. It happened while I was getting her ready for school this morning. It took me a while after getting back to text P the details. The kid is only six, where does she get that from?  Of course the ultimate decision is up to us, but at least we know where SS stands on the subject. It also means we can't use her as an excuse if we choose to pursue our hearts. As I was about to dumbly state that it was the first tooth she lost at school SS said "At least this one didn't fall off when my face hit the concrete." Ouch, our girl was really traumatized by that collision last year.  I was wondering if SS was messing with her tooth, but it fell off when she bit into a cookie.  They kids made dog cookies in class today, and the darn cookie was the culprit. SS is looking forward to her Tooth Fairy money. I asked her what she was going to do with her $5. SS said "I'm going to put it together with a lot of yours and Baba's money to get a Power Ranger toy." Six year old wisdom indeed. 

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