Friday, January 31, 2014

Community hero day.

Today was Community Hero day at SS' school, and she chose to be a firefighter.  It was also Flag Day Friday and the kids wore their assigned college shirts. Every classroom has adopted a university as part of this year's college bound program. We had never heard of the Georgia Bulldogs, but it's rather fitting, since SS resembles a bulldog at times.  It was fun watching the outdoor assembly, and even more fun watching SS totally run with the hero description. Apparently firefighters go around saving lives while hamming it up like SS's favorite super heroes.  As usual there were not many kids dressed up today, and I gave SS the option to change into regular clothing as to not stand out. I got an immediate heck to the no Mama in response. Dear lord, what the heck was I thinking offering her to blend in? As if it will ever happen.

Ax in hand ready to break a door in and rescue those inside. What? There's no fire? OK, get that, but why should that prevent me from breaking in one of the many house doors around here? Oh,  trespassing is illegal.

Oh come on, there has to be one kid in one of these classrooms waiting to be rescued. What? I can't break school doors down either? What the heck kind of hero are these people if there is no wanton abject destruction?

I did not take her ax away because of the silly no weapon ban, but because I was afraid SS would lose it then we would have to hear her whine all weekend.Our daughter reminded us about the no weapon rule, and I calmly explained that the adults would have to explain to ME why is a plastic ax, part of a firefighter costume considered a weapon. Just like her father poo pooed on the no masks ban on Halloween, because hello the mask makes the costume. Hmmm, what are the odds our blatant disregard for rules is going to bite us in the rear end in the future?

Oh, you are still here silly Mama.

SS and her teacher, and darn it the college's color complimented SS's attire so well.

Only seven kids dressed up out of  how many hundred? How sad. We do wonder what were the girls on the right supposed to be. When I asked about the girl in black (who has been a royal witch to SS, even making fun of her "boy" outfit this morning) SS responded "She was dressed as a nothing." I'm sure SS meant as nothing, but it cracked me up anyway. SS further explained "she just likes to get her face in everything."  Ms. Ubiquitous at her finest, but also damn right.

After a two month hiatus SS returned to archery this afternoon. It was really cold and and windy.  I'm in shock she made it through the hour.  The poor thing remembered her assigned bow, arrows and that was about it.  It was painful to watch her struggle those first 20 minutes.  It was like she had never shot before. If she is still in archery by the end of the year we are going to get her private lessons during the hiatus. Man, doesn't she look cute, yet tough and a bit scary in this picture? Love it.

We are glad that SS ended her class on a high note. P was able to enjoy HD video courtesy of my awesome Xmas present. It was JJ's first time watching SS and he was very impressed. I think he texted pictures to almost everyone he has known in Northern California. He was very proud of his sister and she was on cloud nine.

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