Wednesday, March 05, 2014

It took two trips but we got that blood.

Last Friday we needed to pick up SS's new glasses, and also needed to get her blood drawn.  The former went without a problem, the latter unnecessarily became a two day ordeal. When SS's preschool teacher wrote on her eval "SS likes what she likes," Ms. S was right on the money.  When I took SS to look at frames she walked over to the pair she wanted, said this one, tried it on, commented on how cute she looked, and she was done.  I had SS try at east two more because there is no way anyone can just walk up and make up their mind, right?  It's just how our daughter operates, and the only woman P ever wants to tag along shopping.

After finding our closest lab closed for repairs we were relieved to find the next closest not too far.  SS was already anxious about having a needle stuck into her barely there veins, and I was rather annoyed that it was taking so long before being called.  After almost a half hour wait I was informed that they were trying to reach the doctor's office to clarify the order.  One of tests the neurologist requested required amniotic fluid.  Nope, that was not going to happen. The lab could not proceed with the other tests without clarification. I tried reaching the neuro office but while their message said closed at 3:30 they switched to the answering service at 2:00. That was one wasted trip, although SS requested a round of tacos to celebrate her good fortune.  I didn't have the heart to tell her that she would be returning Monday.

The plan was for P to take her Monday after school, but I left work early because there is no way I could allow SS to go through that without me.  Not because P could not handle it, but because it would be better for both of us to be there. We waited quite a while again because that very nice neurologist we met on Valentine's day it's quite a beast when asked for clarification. He basically told the lab tech off, then told her to ask a  supervisor. It took another 30 minutes for all the freaking lab techs working together, and a call to their main office to figure out what Dr. A wanted, and the right code to use.  Turns out he consistently words the test request wrong, and obviously could not care less. What really sucks is that his patients are the ones who bear the brunt of Dr. A's stubbornness and rudeness to the lab staff. Oh well... As long as he is as competent a child neurologist as his rep suggests we can cope.

By the time SS was called to the back she had whipped herself and anxious frenzy.  Great, just what we feared. Then it got better, because SS needed to provide a urine sample.  It's the only thing I wish my girl would take after her Mama. I can produce a urine sample on command even if I have not had liquids for two days. Not SS, she has only had to do it once before and it was a nightmare, but I had to try. Had to give up after fifteen minutes because I knew it was not going to happen.  It was time to get that needle in and go home.  SS began to cry as soon as I sat her on my lap, and increased when the tourniquet was secured. The tech did not trust that I could secure SS even though I had done it before thank you very much.  She asked for P's help restraining her arm, while I took care of the rest of her body.  Yeah, that seems an equitable split, and way too much muscle for such a small child.

SS wailed through the draw, and those six vials seemed to take forever to fill.We gave SS props for being brave and we are sure she was cursing us under her breath.  No one said parenthood was easy, but watching that needle going in that small arm was difficult. However it would be more difficult and completely irresponsible not to follow through with testing. Besides we are looking at the silver lining here. SS is getting a karyotype people, we get to find out if she has a Y chromosome! The urine sample will have to wait and we are OK with that. We have to admit that we are not looking forward to the brain MRI, but it's another necessary evil. 

SS's new frames are very similar to the ones she had.

The frames are lime green around the interior, and yet SS makes it work.

A rightfully upset SS did would not even mug for the camera.

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