Saturday, March 19, 2016

A few things going on today.

I was in the kitchen at 5:00 a.m. to get two crockpots of carnitas ready. P wanted me to sleep until later but I just wanted to get it out of the way. By 5:50 the pork shoulders were seasoned, in the crockpot, and the mess I made in the process cleaned. It takes 10 hours for the carnitas to cook, so the earlier they go in the better. 

Yummy, yummy carnitas. We are freezing most of it.

Two pork shoulders, it looks like we have four teenage boys to feed. Last time we made them SS had them for three straight days. I think P is hoping for a repeat of SS's pork fest.  I told P we would be set for about two months. He scoffed and said more like three to four weeks.

SS living the life lounging on her cushions. We bought one for each of us, and an extra, but SS made three into a bed and the fourth into her pillow. They are now hers, but then again, so is everything around here.

I made a huge mistake last night and still feel awful. I patched SS's eye but forgot to have her wear her glasses. Dr. B wants SS to be active during the patched hour, preferably using her hands. SS was happy to play with her birthday Justice League Hall of Justice. If left to her own devices, SS could go to bed really late on Friday's and Saturdays. At about thirty minutes she complained her eye was tired. SS never complained last year of her left eye being tired, and we naturally worried.

I  had a rough week replete with sleep deprivation, and P wanted me to sleep in this morning. His solution was to allow SS to stay up as long as she wanted, and when her eye is not patched that is at or past midnight. That would give me at least until 8:00 a,m. to sleep.  Never mind the fact that I wake up when P leaves the bed, minor detail. SS's bedtime is 8:00 p.m., and by 7:50 she was asking to go to bed, saying her eye was really tired. As soon as the bandana was off her eye she went to bed, and was sound asleep immediately.

This morning P noted SS did not wear her glasses and that is why she was so tired. However, Thursday afternoon SS complained about her eye being tired. If she complains again I will call Dr. B and see if SS needs to be examined again. Poor baby, her Mama is brain dead and she paid the price.

I was surprised to see I had a comment to screen a few days ago. I had no idea that anyone other than P, Abuela and Grandpa read this blog. We received a gift from Wales advising us to use an eye patch or bandana to avoid irritating SS's skin with the adhesive eye patches. That is a great idea, and why in h e double hockey sticks did we not think about it! Probably because we focused on flash over substance. SS was so upset abut the patching last year that our response was to get her cool eye patches.

Gotta love the Internet. We are grateful that WHNM suggested a regular eye patch or a bandana. We bought both and SS is enjoying the alternatives. 

SS's new glasses arrived yesterday, and she looks marvelous.  This are SS's first non plastic frames, she chose the frames, as usual. I do not want to infantilize SS, but plastic frames are sturdier. Another suck it up moment, we have always said her glasses her choice. If they break there is a warranty, and if they break after the warranty she has three other frames at home that can be used. SS is nine, she is a big girl and we need to allow her to spread her wings. She does look beautiful as always.

SS combined her patch and bandana, the result is the cutest pirate/thug.

I may have had an eye patched when I was 3 or 4, have to ask Abuela if it really happened. The fact that I am not certain it happened means that it was not a big deal to me. Although if it happened I'm sure Mami and Papi would disagree. 

One more reason why we admire SS's resiliency. If I had to patch my eye for an hour a day I would be griping about it all day long. Even with the nasty adhesive SS reminded me it needed to be done. The hand eye coordination works to our advantage. SS loves Legos and her action figures, and both require her to use her hands.

I love to listen and watch  to SS role playing, just like I did with JJ. I do not have a creative bone in my body, but I'm proud my kids are creative.

Last Sunday we had a family first, the tea cups ride at Disneyland. SS took over and we had a blast watching her enjoy the ride.

It was cool that they had Kylo Ren some and get the kids. SS is not a big fan of KR, but she a great fan of the dark force.

We were in line almost two hours while also watching the Disney team reset the ride at least three times. Resetting does not convey what actually transpired. The operators would try, an announcement was made, an executive of some sort would come, a car would be removed, a few trials without people  would be tested, then humans again. But they were behind on Fast Pass guests and that meant a longer wait.

Life is a hoot because on out wild roller coaster days P and I would have never waited so long for a ride. The joys of parenting were responsible for our patience, we gave our word to SS, and we kept our word to our child. I do not recall where in the line P told me he would wait as long as it would take. He is a great Baba right? Then he informed me we are not ever, ever waiting in line for hat ride again. 

Lady Luck was not with us on our first and last for now ride. We were the last group and our plans to be next to each other (so I could film Baba and SS) were shattered. SS wanted to be with me on this ride. I am an incredibly selfish person and own to it shamelessly. Awe SS wants to be with me, OK, but last ride SS was with me. This was Baba's ride, and gosh dank it don't they look so cute. I was on the opposite side and filming SUCKED, I would usually shake it off and say next time. Honestly, we will avoid this ride as long as possible.

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Whatshername's Mummy said...

So glad the suggestions helped! I probably wouldn't have found a solution about it except for the fact that I'm allergic to most sticking plaster adhesives and my younger daughter needs to dress up as a pirate for school soon! I love reading about SS, my older daughter is also from Yunnan. With more love from Wales, WHNM (Whatshername's Mum - because my older daughter was Whatershername between referral and travel!)