Wednesday, March 23, 2016

G11 Optimus Prime has arrived.

SS's last birthday gift arrived Monday. We did not go all out with gifts this year, because SS has a house full of toys. A child only needs so many toys and SS has amassed an obscene amount. Another thing we are working on with our spoiled child is a sense of self awareness. We are guilty of spoiling her and there are reasons why we have given SS so much leeway. Now that she is a nine year old big girl, she needs to learn the world does not revolve around her.

During our last Disneyland trip we informed SS that she had a full year of calling the shots as to what we do and when we do it. The passes were a birthday gift for SS and we allowed her to try what she wanted. Now we are taking turns choosing rides or attractions, and SS did well. As well as a nine year old can do after a year of choosing. She is lucky P and I are not huge Disney people, because I know many adults who would have done all the choosing for their kids.

Really Mama, must you get a camera on my face while I play? I must admit that I expected more for $79, but perhaps the steep price has to do with the toy not being sold outside Japan. On the bright side it is allegedly a more realistic transformer. I would not know because I'm ignorant of all things Transformers.

It's well worth the price because SS LOVES her new toy. She plays with it as soon as she is done with homework, caresses the toy (not kidding) when she is doing other things, and reads the box, front and center. She is really stoked about the toy coming from Japan.

I had to explain to SS that her toy would not arrive on time from her birthday, and was concerned about her reaction. The one thing I did not expect from her was to say, "Japan, I was in Japan when I was a baby." SS then pointed to the collage we still have on our living room and pointed to the only picture we have of our stop at Tokyo Airport. SS took the news well, that takes a lot of retrain for a child her age. 

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