Friday, March 18, 2016

SS made the honor roll.

This afternoon we attended the assembly to see SS receive her certificate of academic achievement. We are very proud of SS, particularly because last year was such a hot mess, and she has worked hard. That is what we ask of SS, to do her best, to be tenacious, to apply herself, to seek knowledge. We have a unique opportunity with SS because JJ taught us a painful lesson. He has a very high IQ, not wicked smart IQ, but gifted IQ. JJ could have made the honor roll every trimester in school, undergrad, grad and doctorate. Sadly he has never had the desire to excel academically. He could solve complex math problems, but did not see the need to show his work. In his defense, he said he could see the process in his head. I empathize with him because that is how I got through school. I would close my eyes and my notes or textbook would pop up.  However I understood the need for showing my work, OK, I did after pulling a few stunts of non compliance. But no matter how many times we explained the need to show his work, he would not do it. He would ace tests, but would not turn in his homework.

We have always been proud of SS, the mere fact that she is at grade level is remarkable given her rough start in life. While I was watching her today I remembered giving her a musical Little Einstein rattle the morning after we met. Her little hand went limp, she had no idea what to do with a rattle at sixteen months. We realized at that moment that SS was not only malnourished, but had minimal stimuli. Our priority was to nourish her body, her heart and her intellect. Today I got teary eyed with happy tears. We are so proud of SS, honor roll or not, but we'll take the honor roll.

I always remind SS about her Abuela. My bio mother did not graduate high school with stellar grades. Heck, she barely graduated, since she was pregnant. But in college, in nursing school, she had to maintain honor roll grades to keep her scholarship. It did not come easy but Abuela worked her ass off, kept those grades up, and was an incredibly knowledgeable nurse. The type of nurse where her colleagues would come to her for advise.  P while brilliant, reminds me of Abuela, they have an admirable work ethic. That is what I want SS to strive for, to be like her Baba and her Abuela.  

We were on the fourth row and looking for SS when the kids filed into the multi purpose room.  She was one of the last to enter and I saw her little frown as she scanned the MPR for us. She does get anxious, and we'll keep working on trying to ease her anxiety.  Once she saw us that beautiful smile made an appearance. 

SS and her classmate M.

Up she goes to collect her certificate.

Check out the smirk on SS's little face, she was enjoying herself.  The girl with the 18 on her shirt is also SS's classmate. That's right, they are the same age. That was me throughout elementary school, a head above the rest. I was elated when I stopped growing at age thirteen.

See the blank space on the certificate? It's supposed to have SS's picture on it and we wondered what happened. The school keeps a current school picture on file. I asked the principal and she said SS was absent on picture day. Nope, she was there and we have the pictures. Mrs. R said she would recheck the picture file.

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