Monday, March 28, 2016

SS'S turn and she took most of her pictures through her window.

One thing we worried about SS is her over the top impatience. When you are going to spend at least six days on the road the are we there yet will get old quickly. Sunday SS asked the dreaded question, and I answered. I then turned to her and said she only gets to ask that question once a day, and she was done for the day. I totally pulled that out of my ear. SS's lower lip started quivering, her face sad. Sorry little girl your sad puppy look is not going to work, you are old enough to understand. SS asked again today and P provided the same response. No attempt at tears today, holy unexpected development it worked!

Taking pictures from a moving car is difficult, especially when the object of your photo is on the other side.

SS would not be deterred by her sun shade, she shuttered away. It was an overcast day so we took off the sun shade to make it easier on SS.

This sign was being installed right in front of the Welcome to Utah sign. I told SS when she returns as a college kid, with a significant other, or her children; she can tell them she was here the day it was installed.  She thought that was very funny.

For this one we were out of the car.

A sad commentary on what is like to be SS, she always has a camera or two pointed at her.

SS said to us "sometimes my life is fun." I asked if today it was fun and she exclaimed yes. We are glad SS enjoyed the view.

We have no idea how SS managed to take this from the car and avoid any part of the sides of the window to show.

Same here, we are going to have to ask her for pointers on taking pictures from a moving vehicle.

Pretty swirly landscape. 

SS got a better shot of Mexican Hat than me.

Can you see the two faces on the right? Our girl has a really good eye for detail, unless we ask her to clean her room and pick up after herself.

Must include DOG on her photo journal.

Another drive by picture, I should just hand my big camera over. Too bad SS does not have the strength to haul it around. 

SS is into flags.

I was wondering what is so special about this necklace. It took me a while to notice the Batman symbol.

A new concept for all of us, wild horses. We saw many, this one was just outside Four Corners. I get straight dogs and cats, but horses just baffle me.

A drive by picture gone wrong.

SS was in awe of all the snow once we entered Colorado, I think she took about 80 pictures of random snow. I think this one is nice because of he amount of snow. SS took 322 pictures today. The great thing about digital photography is that it does not matter how many pictures SS takes. I remember the days of film and how careful we had to be when snapping a photo, When we moved to Northern California we gave JJ a camera to amuse himself during the long drive.  When we developed his pictures we realized we spent seven dollars on pictures of freaking cattle. JJ used most of one roll of film on the cattle at Harris Ranch.

This selfie did not work. 

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