Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday SS!

One day (07/08/2008) we are watching SS nap at a hotel in Kunming...

then you blink and she is nine years old. Even though we visited Disneyland Sunday, it does suck that SS's actual birthday is on a school day. We allowed her to sleep later than we ever have, and practically dressed her to get her to school on time. After homework SS opened her presents and played for a while before her sushi dinner. She started with miso soup and we were afraid she'd be full before the rolls arrived, because she ate all the soup. That toy on the table is one of SS's presents, a Bionicle, that she assembled on her own.

We had no reason to worry because SS helped us eat ten different rolls, and as you can see they are not small. We have never had so much sushi, and that is counting the times JJ was with us. SS loves lobster so much that we had to get two monster lobster rolls, because she can finish one on her own.

SS LOVES avocados and had California and Avocado rolls last.  The avocado roll is the one she is picking up with her chopsticks. SS ate five of those rolls, we lost count of how many rolls she had altogether.

Hard to believe that she managed to have space left for part of a sundae.  We had a relaxed and fun dinner. P and I are still a bit sad that time has passed by so quickly. But we are also proud of the kind, smart, well behaved, well rounded child SS has become. Happy Birthday to the most amazing nine year old in this world.

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