Thursday, March 24, 2016

Art Class

Yesterday SS finished her first nine week session of art class. The class is once a week, and yesterday the children received their completion certificates. SS is all about receiving certificates, medals and other assorted achievement paraphernalia. I was initially worried because the classes are divided by age, not skill. SS has never taken an art class, and she is no art prodigy. Interestingly she draws like JJ used to and still draws, very small, in a cartoon style. We were hoping the class would help SS get a sense of perspective.

My fear that SS would be intimidated by the older kids was unfounded. It's been a treat to watch how much she is enjoying herself in class. She wants to return to the second session that starts next month. Thankfully the class is held two blocks from our house, that really helps on those I don't want to go out days.

 Trying her no big deal face, but she has not stopped blabbing about her certificate.

I am the one taking SS to class to give P some well deserved down time. About two weekss ago the teacher asked parents if they wanted to purchase a plaque for their kids. I decided to pass and get SS a plaque if she completed at least three sessions. The class ends at 7:45 and SS's bedtime is 8:00, so when we come home is a mad dash to get SS into her PJs (she bathes before class) and into bed. Meaning that passing on the plaque was the last thing on my mind.

P took SS to class last week because I was a hot mess with the time change to daylight savings time. Yesterday he told me to make sure to bring money because he ordered a plaque for SS. UGH, there goes my incentive plan. But it was a very sweet gesture on his part, and I know he just wanted to reward SS for her enthusiasm and hard work. Plus I am the one who ordered SS's prescription sunglasses without consulting P, and those suckers were expensive.  He called to ask why the heck there was such a charge from our eye doctor. In other words I need to shut the heck up, because I'm not so pure and innocent.

We gave SS a sketchbook  for her birthday and she was elated. I felt bad that it wasn't a big ticket item, but she loved it. The first thing out of her mouth was "WOW, I can now draw animals all the time." SS class is studying the environment and animals have been a focus this past quarters.  SS is all about animals, their scat (figures, bodily functions), and drawing her own versions. The picture above is of a phoenix, a panther with some super hero powers, and I have no idea what is on the right side.  I like how SS got the protruding cliff right.  It is even more fun to listen to SS's explanations as to why she draws a certain way.

OK we get it little girl, it's time to arrange a trip to the zoo.

This was the first drawing SS made in class nine weeks ago, a fox. A lot of parents sit next to their kids, but I seat in the back. First, I can't draw and I'm not very creative. Second, SS needs her space and to make her own artistic decisions. Third, I would stroke out every time the teacher says to draw something LIGHTLY and SS practically etches on her paper. No Dali, but not bad for her first attempt.

When the class studied the color wheel  SS decided to turn hers into a turtle, specifically a sea turtle.

Horton Hears a Who, and some interesting artistic choices. SS had a good thing going with the elephant, then she added I do not know what to its surroundings.

This one I titled Maui Dreams, the assignment was to draw the eel and just add around it. SS told her teacher all about her Molokini snorkeling trip when she was just seven.

Baby leprechaun, maybe a self portrait?

SS took two classes yesterday to make up for a missed class.  She was thrilled to get to draw two Easter baskets. This one is the young kids assignment.

This one is SS's age group's (8-12) assignment.

This giraffe is my favorite, not certain why, but I really like it.

OOPS, SS forgot to finish her watercolor cacti.

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