Monday, July 14, 2008

Blessing S.



We had the babies blessed in a Budhist temple.

Incense offering. Grandpa A, the family in the pic reside in your island.

P followed this guy around to get a picture of the turtles.

She cracks herself up.

Super S

Being blessed is tiring stuff.

Alcohol flambe.

With Martin and Norman, the director of U$$A.

Baby S and Grace, one of the China Team guides. I had to allow her to hold S for a while because I hurt her feelings earlier. Baby S is very friendly and would go to almost anyone. Her brother J was the same way and I always worried about his safety. Let's face it, it takes just seconds for someone to cart your kid away. So we are trying to work with her in terms of recognizing with we are her mom and dad and we are here to meet her basic needs. Once she has that down, then we won't mind her being with others. When I mentioned this to Grace, it really hurt her feelings as well as Sarah (another guide). We know they mean well, but we have waiting for so long to hold our daughter and it does not go over well when they want to hold her for long periods of time.

I must admit that I could have avoided the situation by placing Baby S in her carrier. However, this was the first opportunity our travel group had to mingle after receiving our children. I wanted Baby S to meet her brothers and sisters (we have three boys in our group) and play with them. After the guide incident, P went to fetch the carrier and we kept her in it most of the night, except for the photo ops.

Since we are addressing the subject, please do not be offended when we do not initially allow you to hold Baby S. For the first month or two, we are only going to allow her nuclear family to hold her. That is mama, baba, brother J and J's girlfriend S.

Martin always finds and excuse to break out the rice wine. P & B do not mind and are such great sports by following along. Heh

Baby S playing with Baby S.

Jack Daniels shot. P just informed me that B returned after putting J to bed. They then had push ups and jumping drinking games.

I can't believe that he is doing so well after that many shots. He did sleep soundly.

P wants people to know that he IS wearing shorts.


Grandpa A said...

I know every grandparent says their grandchildren are the cutist, prettiest, and most adorable of all the children out there, but; my Baby S and little Annabel certainly must be in the Top 5. I can hardly wait till August to see them both. By then Baby S will be a world traveler and have great stories to share with her Hawaiian Grandpa.

Anonymous said...

oh baby s, you are so silly. we are going to have a blast when you come home...which isn't too far in the future! the kid on the street reminded me of when i used to live in San Salvador, ES.