Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Stone Forest

George, our cheerful guide.

So this is why its called Stone Forest.

Contrary to popular belief, Baby S spends most of her time
with K. P has yet to hold her in the Ergo, so when
she emerges for a break, we take advantage of the opportunity
for a photo op. Baby S remains in the carrier even during the bus
rides. She seems comfortable and her mom does not mind, so we have
not felt the need to purchase a stroller (she only has 3 at home).

Hamming it up for the camera. We are grateful that she
is such an easy going baby. At this point she had endured
a two hour bus ride without a much needed nap. The tour guide's
chatter/singing, plus the loud crying from the other babies kept
her awake.

The main attraction (the characters mean Stone Forest).
We had a group picture taken here and it was quite an
experience. It is the most crowded part of the park. So as we
are setting up the picture, there were what seemed like a hundred tourists
taking pictures and filming us. One couple has three
Chinese daughters and they were feeling a bit uncomfortable. We
wonder how Baby S is going to handle all the attention when we
return for her baby brother.

Crocodile Rock

Lunch time.

Bong, Chinese style.

Baby S really enjoyed the ethnic dance.

This happens everywhere we go and for the most
we do not mind. It is considered good luck to touch the
babies and it is something we knew and expected. It is
difficult when the babies are napping and people seem
oblivious to their need to rest. They just walk over and try to
wake them up. We do not care much for strangers touching our
kid, but do realize that it is a cultural thing and will last only two
weeks. We are guests in their country, so we just roll with it. Here,
my genius plan of placing her hat over her face to deter touching failed
miserably. Heh. BTW, of the 6 families, 2 of us have Ergo carriers and our
babies are not as accessible. Thankfully, Baby S has not had to deal with people
trying to remove her from the carrier or touching her face.

Ergo nap. Sadly, it only lasted 20 minutes. Poor thing
had a rough day, yet never had a meltdown (which is more
than can be said about her mom).

Baba and Baby S at the jade market. We purchased
a jade Buddah necklace for her to wear in the future.
According to the Chinese it brings good luck. Boys wear Our
Lady of Mercy.

Come on Baba, time to work on my development, let's walk!
She is wearing capri pants,12 month size. They are
way too big around her tiny waist. Maybe next summer
they will fit.

Practicing her menacing look. Be afraid, be very afraid.

We bought this shirt for Baby S over two years ago.
We just thought it was cute; little did we know...
We have never seen something so small with that
much attitude.

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