Thursday, July 10, 2008

Standing S


Smug S

Happy baby.

Baby gang sign? She is constantly holding her index and middle fingers like this (kind of like a quotation gesture). We have no idea why she does it, but it cracks us up. We are calling it "the claw."

Today's outing.

This little girl caught our attention since her facial features are similar to Baby S's.

Thai g-ds

Educational outings are exhausting.

Interior of a Shui (water) Village dwelling.

Have you had your veggies today? Got to hand it to the Chinese and their ingenuity. The popsicle in the green wrapper, look closer, yep, is a pea popsicle. We saw a little girl happily eating one but did not take a picture because we did not want to freak out her mom. Yeah, we know, people are constantly taking pictures of us, but it's just not the same.

Yoda is alive and well, making signs in China.

Spicy potatoes, the first part of our lunch. We managed to score these because of P's persistence. P is usually a rather quiet, reserved person. That is, until something affects his wife or kids. Then, he can be quite stubborn and it is a hoot to see that side of him. Not only do we have six babies in our group, but one family has three young daughters as well. Yesterday, our guide failed to take them into account and did not schedule a lunch break. The girls were tired, hungry, and overwhelmed. Today, the parents of the girls wanted to make sure that their children would get to eat lunch at a reasonable time.

As we were strolling through the Thai village, the potato vendor caught P's eye and since Baby S needed to have lunch, he decided that it would be a good idea for her to try them. Our guide informed us that he had made arrangements for us to eat something a the Yi Village later on. Everyone was following along, except, of course, P. He simply looked at me and stated, "I don't care what he says, I'm not leaving without the potatoes." The other parents followed his lead and got in line behind P to purchase their potatoes.

Just because he had not pushed his luck enough, P then decided that eating while walking was not fun, so he calmly planted his behind on a nearby bench and requested that I join him. This gave the other parents time to get out the baby food jars, mix formula and feed their babies. P then smiled at me, quite satisfied with himself. Once the babies were fed, we happily continued our tour. Leave it up to my husband to start a mutiny in a communist country.

Honestly, we do not know how she does it, or how she stores it, but she managed to eat three pieces.

Our guide informed us that Baby S is most than likely a Yi minority.

Lunch, Part 2. We had the opportunity to eat in the Yi village, which was a treat for us. The chickens were yummy and the seasonings provided were very tasty. Baby S had breast meat and ate her weight in poultry. You are provided with plastic gloves, so your hands are clean at the end of your meal.

Baby S really enjoyed the Yi dance.

Ethnic Yi dress.

Baby S finally lets her parents know that she can indeed stand from a sitting position.

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Michelle said...

I am loving living vicariously through you guys on this trip of a lifetime, dreaming that someday it will be me! :)

What Hotel are you staying at in Guanzhou? I'm just curious because you mentioned they don't have a pool and I know for a fact it's like a thousand degrees there this time of year.