Friday, July 11, 2008

Soaring S

Today's T-Shirt: I do all my own stunts.

Please do not flame me over this. I was on the bed next to S's and then, just as her shirt proclaims, she decided to go all Hollywood stunt baby on me. Not only did I get the pic, but I also managed to scoop her up. SHE DID NOT HIT THE FLOOR.

We decided to walk to a nearby park before departing from Kunming.

This couple came up to us and spent a few minutes cooing, smiling and talking to Baby S. It was really nice of them to take the time to fuss over our daughter. We felt bad that we could not communicate with them (Yeah, we know, ugly Americans), but you'd be surprised how far smiles and gestures can go. We are glad we took the time to take a walk on Baby S's last morning in the Capital of her birth province.

No need for a gym membership, workout clothing, or fancy equipment. It made us feel embarrassed about the recumbent bike, treadmill, elliptical and free weights unused in our garage. OK, we DO use the kayaks and the bikes. Baby S is such an active little one that she is going to be the reason we start working out again. You would think the aging process and the possibility of a heart attack would have done the trick.

The Claw strikes again. Baby S's Abuela e-mailed to remind me that J used to do the same thing when he was her age. Don't ask, this experience is surreal enough and we are not about to start questioning why.

That face, those eyes...

Waving to her fans.

We almost did not bring these sneakers (yes, they are Chucks), because they are a size 2 (for infants) and we thought they'd be too small. We bought the outfit separately and did not realize they match until I was packing for this trip. She gets a lot of attention when she is wearing these shoes, especially from the guys.

For sale at the gift shop on the lobby of the Bank Hotel, Kunming.

Waiting to check in.

Our pre-flight snack, we just had to try the pea popsicle (peasicle). It was quite tasty, although our travel mates, except for one (yeah Jen), refused a taste.

Baby S's first flight, from Kunming to Guangzhou. Gee, she couldn't do something normal like SFO to LAX. BTW, she was secured in the Ergo during take off and landing. This picture was taken after a diaper change (thus the absence of pants).

Baby S is a cautious traveler. Unlike her parents, she took the time to familiarize herself with the safety instructions for the aircraft. Someone has to save those two in case of an emergency.

We actually encountered some strong turbulence during the flight. Baby S was on P's lap and he instinctively placed her legs between his and held them tight, while wrapping his arms around her. I was impressed by his quick response and surprised by my reaction. Baby S could tell that something was wrong just by watching those around her scrambling to put up their trays and securing their seatbelts. Oh yeah, and by the airplane moving from side to side. She looked at me, tried to shake P and unable to move began to cry and said "mama." I reached for her and asked P to hand her to me, but he did not budge. That empty seat between us seemed like too long a distance.

After thirteen years I know better than to push when P is on protective mode (J's report card while home schooled and the Baby S potato mutiny came to mind). On the drive to the hotel in Guangzhou, I asked him why he didn't hand her over. P shrugged his shoulders and responded, "She was already on my lap, I didn't want to risk dropping her." It took me a while to realize that raising J I became so accustomed to be the one doing all the work. Co-parenting J with P was a team effort, but I had no experience with the early years. Letting go is going to take time, but I think I need to make an effort to remember that Baby S is as much his daughter as she is mine. I'm sure when she starts to throw royal tantrums I'm going to be OK with his involvement. It's like P said to me today, "Baby, you do not play well with others." He's right, I don't. :)


AnnabelsMama said...

It’s official…we’re in love. We cannot get over just how adorable little S is. We are beaming with excitement for this new happy family you have created for yourselves. Sorry it took so long to post. Just got back from the Boston wedding and so very happy to see that everyone is doing well. I am smiling from ear to ear for you right now P. Isn’t parenthood a thrill? Looking forward to seeing MANY more pics. Love is a true blessing…cherish every last drop of it.
Love- Courtney, Matthew and Annabel

AnnabelsMama said...

Cousin S-

You are a doll. I love your orange shoes...where ever did you find them? Can't wait to hear all about your travels. I have been hearing your name for so long now that it is so nice to see a picture of you. Be safe Cousin. Love- Annabel

Mighty J said...

I want that Viager box.

I haven't commented lately because I'm busy bragging to friends/coworkers about my baby sister, and trying to find a route to where you guys live that isn't currently on fire.

We're really excited about seeing her. Steph is probably more excited than I am, only because her lady parts make her gush over babies and stuff.