Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pearl River Cruise


Today, Baby S is 16 months old. I had to leave her with P to meet with the other parents and fill out the paperwork for her US visa. As always, click on the picture to enlarge.

Baby S sporting some serious bed head.

She looks so cute when she crosses her legs at the ankles. We were impressed when we realized that she could sleep like that.

J, P spotted this from the bus, then jumped right out leaving us behind, because he wanted to capture it for you. I don't get the steroids part.

P decided to take a few self portraits, much to the amusement of the locals. Baby S and I pretended that we did not know him.

He does have a great smile.

We were seated on the second floor and scored a table by the window.

Humidity and my hair do not go well together.

Baby Drinking Game
Initially, it was Martin, P & B (with Baby J in the carrier). I handed Baby S to P so Baby J would not be alone. Martin then decided that a baby drinking game was in order and just went and scooped Baby K. That is Baby K's father peeking in between Martin and P. The babies were merely used for decorative purposes and did not participate in the drinking. When the girls turn into party animals in college, they can refer back to this picture and they can blame us for starting them in the wrong direction. :)


ruthie said...

Hola: Que bella se ve Baby S con sus piernas crusadas. Vez no me equivoco en lo que digo , ella es muy especial. Ademas ya tambien tiene su visa. Y ademas de viajar en avion tambien viajo en un crucero.Me alegro porque ya viajan a su casa este Lunes y que buenopara ustedes de poder estar en su cas disfrutando de sus comodidades y ademas la beba estara mas tranquila.ademas hay muchas peresinas que desean que regrese para poder ver esta preciosidad.Ya medio mundo sabe que tengo una nieta nueva.
Dios los bendiga
grandma R

ruthie said...

Just two more days and you go back to CA ,But baby S do not know how many hours she has to spend in the
air plane.Now you are going to start a new life with Baby S.Also P
has to do the same.I recognize that
S fathers adquire many knowledge about Baby S care. At this point i understand he is a good father.With this girl in your home
both of you has a Happy happy Home
Love grandma R

mary said...

Dear P. K. and S,
Glad to see you are having such a great time with your beautiful daughter S.Since you are only returning on Mon. the 21st, we're sure that you'll need adjustment time without company. Please let us know when it will be convenient to see the both of you, and meet Baby S.
Fly home safely!
Nana and the Grand Min