Monday, July 07, 2008

Spectacular S

Baby S, Baba and S Bear ( a gift from Grandpa A).
Thanks Grandpa A, for being so supportive during the
seemingly never ending wait.

Baby S and Baba

This is the first opportunity that we get to post. We have been on the go since leaving Guangzhou Sunday. We will edit the post later but we know that what matters are the pictures. We met Spectacular S 07/07/2008 at noon, we signed a “harmonious period agreement” (granting us temporary custody), that usually lasts for 24 hours. We were granted the opportunity to finalize the adoption two and a half hours later and all six families accepted. We spent a whole hour at the hotel getting settled, returned to the Civil Affairs Office and finalized the adoption in the afternoon.

We have no idea what we have done to deserve Spectacular S, but we are not questioning the powers that be.

We are going to enjoy some down time with our girl and will provide details later. Thanks for following along.


Michelle said...

Congratulations! SO happy for you guys. Enjoy your time in China. It goes by so fast!

Anonymous said...


We are so happy for you guys! We cant wait to see the baby in person, and see lots and lots of pictures of you all! Congratulations!!!