Monday, February 08, 2010

Fun with beans.

Most of us California parents have been hit really hard by the recent storms. We are used to be out and about with our kids and that is just not an option. Thank Goddess for the blogosphere, because as everyone knows, I am not the creative type. I came across this great idea from a very creative Mom. A reader suggested the beans in a bowl idea, and she did it with her girls with lentils and rice. I used the link to the list of suggestions in case anyone would like to take a look and use them. I am keeping the list in mind to use when SS and I are home alone after my next surgery.

I had the beans around for a few days after her fun post about how that activity kept her VERY active girls occupied. Tonight, P and I had something to do that involved a deadline and teamwork. We tried to keep SS involved, but it was really hindering our progress. I told P it was time to get out the beans, bowl, cups, measuring spoons, funnels and scoops out. I did not have a plastic tablecloth handy, a bed sheet did the job over the coffee table.

SS (like JJ) only places food, drink and her fingers (JJ did not even do fingers) in her mouth. Also like JJ, she's not a fan of placing things in her nose or ears. That is, except for her unique way to celebrate Obam@’s inauguration. Honestly, that is the only time she has done that. Those beans bought us two hours of bliss. Hyper focusing is a wonderful thing at times. SS measured, funneled, counted, examined and whatever else came to mind with those beans. Sorry about the hair, she was really squirming around when I attempted a pony tail.

I should have known it would be a hit, because I spent a lot of time bean sorting with Mami. I am not a purist, so beans out of a can are fine with me. Maybe one of these days I will sit down and sort beans with SS, just like Mami did with me. It made me feel important, like I was contributing something. I am sure I slowed her down something awful, but she never let on. I have a lot to learn from her, her grace, and her patience.


Michelle said...

I am so impressed with her precision and keeping the beans in their containers! This was an activity we used to do regularly when I taught preschool and it looked like a bean explosion when it was all said and done. LOL.

Brenda said...

Maybe SS will be an accountant or something. Seems like she loves the tasks that take a lot of time and precision. Smart little cookie!

2china4S said...

Michelle and Brenda,

We too are impressed with SS's precision and focus. Funny thing is that an ongoing joke around here is that we do not want our children to grow up to be bean counters. So much for wishful thinking.

Good to hear (read) from both of you.