Thursday, February 18, 2010

We are going with the laparoscopy.

We had our consultation with Dr. JG, and barring P discovering that he botched a surgery like mine, I am tentatively scheduled for April 1st. That is so us, and we are posting early, because we do not want people to think we are yanking their legs when P posts a picture of me and SS on a gurney again. The doctor spent the first ten minutes gushing over SS and gave us a scare. He asked us how often people say things to us, approach us, and want to touch her, to pick her up. We both tiredly said things like, always, too many times, getting tired of it. He then stated that it is normal to feel that way and he would love to pick her up and eat her up. Dude, P and I were so tense, and thankfully he picked up on our body language and answers to his inquiries that it was not an OK thing to do. We were relieved that we would not have to look for yet another surgeon.

Dr. JG went over the procedure, showed us illustrations, went over recovery and possible complications. His bedside manner is completely different than Dr. PB's, this dude cracks jokes left and right, quite affable. Not that we are looking for a stand up comedian to operate on me, but it helps. Unlike PB who felt 3-4 months is long enough for a reversal, Dr. JG does not want to do them before the fifth month post op, and prefers 9-12 months. Before I knew it I spewed out that I was done defecating out of my torso and doing double diaper duty, done. I want whatever is left of my life back. As it turned out, his preference for a five month wait, and my preference to wait after the kids' birthdays fit perfectly.

As we were almost done he asked how much SS weighs, he asked if she was about 40 pounds. We said we wished, she might reach that weight by high school. He then picked her up, you know like when you want to estimate weight, and said, wait I can always tell. He quickly placed her on the floor and declared that she's 28 pounds. Pretty close, SS is 27 and 1/2 pounds. His next statement made my day. Dr. JG said that I won't have any restrictions about picking up SS. That was quite a relief because I am nothing but a stickler about the recommendations made by physicians. We forgave him that quick pick up given the outcome. That being said, we are going to make her t-shirts with bold letters stating "DO NOT TOUCH THE CHINESE GIRL!"

Mr. Sun was shining brightly again, and since we are getting rain tomorrow, SS and I headed out to the gardens to celebrate. We had not been there in quite a while, and had a lot of fun, but were overdressed for the 65 degree day.

A very relieved P (aka Sunshine) after being told in detail how his wife will be sliced and diced.

Always has to stop at the darn maps.

SS proudly posing in her a toucan threw up on me outfit.

Only fitting to have SS Queen of Anything Aqueous climb on this water celebration exhibit.

This is the last time SS will get to wear these pair of Chucks. I wanted to change her into her Vans, but she threw a fit, she is definitely right there and it made me uncomfortable. But if she wanted to be uncomfortable, let her, not worth the fight. I did bring the Vans along, just in case. At home, she pointed to the Chucks, said "pink", then to her outfit and said "pink." Guess what Ms. Know It All? Black goes with everything, but I agree, your choice was better than mine.


It's a drumstick and a microphone.

A bridge just my size.

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Good job with the pictures K! My favorite is the last one.