Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The sun came out to play.

The sun came out and we took advantage of it this afternoon. We drove to a playground I discovered accidentally shortly after coming home from China. We have never seen anyone there, and wondered it there was a good reason. Last thing we wanted to do was place S in the middle of a drug deal gone bad. But it is a good, safe area, so we tried it.

Hat, sunglasses, P.R. t-shirt, pan and ready to roll.

The sudden appearance of the sun must have emboldened SS and fried the few brain cells I had left. She wanted to try this, and our girl is not the daring type. She insisted, whined, and I thought why not?

She made it to the fourth step when I just had to capture this daring moment for P, and snapped this picture. The few seconds it took me to step back and shoot were enough to make SS come to her senses. She asked me to pick her up. Darn, there goes that Cirque du Soleil toddler audition.
P just saw this picture. His reaction? "Oh God!"

SS boldly tried this one and got to the top (obviously with my hands firmly planted on her back), but did not want to step onto the play structure. Sorry, no pics, I was not about to let go of her after my previous lapse in judgment. We will try it again when Baba can join us.

SS ignored the two other shorter slides, and went on this one more than I have ever seen her slide anywhere.

Check out how cool her static hair looks.


I left the van with only SS, my phone and my purse camera. I am going to have to start wearing cargo pants, because I am obviously SS's entourage. That's her hat in my pocket.

I am also good for storing her sunglasses.

This is a good picture to keep in mind whenever we say we do not know where SS gets things from. This is how I found her when I opened her van door at home. Good place to store your sunglasses Baby.

We had a great time and only encountered a couple of teens making out (we did ruin their mood and they quickly departed), and a skateboarder, who oddly enough sat down on a nearby picnic table and did his homework.

Thank you Mr. Sun for coming out to play with us. We are even more thankful than SS because she was out cold by 7:00. She slept through a diaper change, actually snored through it. SS woke up crying at 8:00 p.m., we brought her downstairs to the sofa, and she returned to sleep. Guess it was one of those times of "just checking to make sure you guys are still there." We returned her to her crib an hour later, and she is still snoozing.

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