Wednesday, February 03, 2010

It should not have been a good day, but it ended up being a great one.

P had a horrible night, with muscle aches and felt simply crummy. He made a valiant effort to wake up and go to work with poor results. He finally accepted that he was sleep deprived (nothing new there) and sick. SS also had a heck of a night, kicking me like kick boxing champ. Since it is Wednesday, I got up and prepared our stuff to be ready for story time. I just went on auto pilot, not thinking about my sick husband. It wasn't until I was ready and SS semi ready that it hit me that we were not alone. P had expressed interest in attending story time, but he was not up for being surrounded by a bunch of screaming monkeys. I could have offered to stay, and I think P wanted us, but he sucked it up and said we should go ahead with our plans. P did request that we come home right after story time, even though I had planned on running some errands. The thing is that had we remained home, P would not have been able to sleep at all, SS would have been on the bed trying to set a high jump record.

I managed to get an errand done (too close to the bookstore to pass up), before returning home. It had only drizzled and it looked like it was going to be a nice day. P managed to get some rest during that time and wanted to treat us to lunch. What happened to my sick husband? We tried a new Japanese restaurant that is owned by a Chinese chef. Grandpa was right when he observed that as long as we eat out with SS we will always have good service. We could have really used a lot less personal attention, but not much we could do. SS loved the Miso soup, rice and even had her first taste of a California roll.

After lunch we went to two Asian markets, looking for training chopsticks, without luck. SS has a set of regular child size chopsticks (from JJ), but does not have the dexterity to use them. We then drove to the outlet stores, where our plan was to look for tights that fit our tiny girl. Well, we also parked at one end and wanted to have her walk the entire place and just tire herself silly. Instead, we left with a lot less money after visiting Gymb0ree. And that is only purchasing clearance items. We did score a pair of corduroy pants that fit her, and no adjustable waist, weird.

Since we were just across the street, we indulged on happy hour S0nic cherry limeades. As much running, dancing and playing as she did, SS did not nap on the drive home. Darn, she even had a really good chase session with a little girl her age and size. We thought she was going to be exhausted. SS asked me to hold her at 5:00 p.m., and I knew what was coming. She was out in less than one minute. Why must she only nap so late in the day? We tried to wake her up at 5;45 and all heck broke loose. Although she did not return to sleep, it went downhill from there. She got a second wind, and as I type she is in her crib, listening to her Feng Shui CD, and wide awake. P and I are at that almost breaking point, we need sleep, and we pine for one less body in our bed. Not going to happen tonight, SS is again going to be up most of the night.

Sleep issues and stubbornness aside, what began as a potentially not so good day ended up as a great day. We really enjoyed spending time together and just being silly. The fact that we only had a few instances of drizzle made it even better.

SS dress courtesy of Aunt Court & family. Do not let that cute mug fool you, SS was not pleased with story time. Mr. Paul's wife just had surgery and he was at home tending to his wife. SS's heart was not moved at all by the similarities to her home situation. She kept asking (demanding) for music.

SS still likes Miso soup.

We had never been served "chips" at a Japanese restaurant.

SS's first California roll. She never made it to the center.

SS never passes up an opportunity to wear a hat.

Always a good sport about mugging for his daughter.

SS's front stage persona does not extend to acting like a lady.

She ran.

She danced.

Today's inspirational thought.

SS pointed at this T-shirt and said "S!" Sadly, they did not have it in her size. :( The girl was right on the money.

Like father...

... like daughter.

See what I mean?

P.S. SS eventually fell asleep and we quickly moved her back to her crib.

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