Sunday, February 07, 2010

Those are not flowers.

SS's high chair, like her playpen has an under the sea theme. The tray has two toys attached to keep little ones amused. It also has a toy that has sea creatures inside floating in water and plays music. P assembled the high chair before we left for China, so we had time to get used to its features. Ever since SS came home we have been calling the the attached toys flowers. There's the yellow and green flower and the orange and blue flower. Recently, SS pointed and said "No Mama, CRAB!" Huh? Upon closer examination, I realized that our daughter was right, the orange/blue flower is a crab. Holy cow, the yellow/green flower is a sea star!

I felt, well, not so confident about my intellect at that moment. I wondered why P did not correct me all this time (he certainly enjoys it). When he came home I asked if he paid attention to her high chair toys and what are they. P confidently told me that the orange one is a crab. So he knew? I'm the only dumb one in this family? P then sheepishly told me that SS corrected him, and that is when he noticed that those are not flowers.

As SS approaches her third birthday, we are naturally worrying about her development. We did last year, and she did not qualify for Early Intervention services. SS is not the problem here, she is not slow, however, her parents are very slow. Maybe they have a late intervention program for us slow folks.

Nope, not flowers.

How could we have missed those cute little claws?

OK, the sea star is a little less obvious, right?

When she was still considered a baby. *Sniff*

Hey guys!

Look what I have, an ombligo, weego, weego.

Ticklish baby.

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