Thursday, February 04, 2010

A gift from the Abus for Chef SS.

When I took off SS's PJs this morning she was not pleased to let her rocker and skulls apparel go. SS requested Halloween pants, and I thought about the 3T-4T tights we found on clearance at Gymb0ree yesterday. The plan was to save them for next Halloween, but really, who are we trying to kid? I was rather surprised that they fit well, guess their clothing runs very small. We are back to rain, all day rain. At least SS is having a blast with her H outfit, and she is warm.

An apology to the Abus for taking so long procuring gifts for SS on their behalf (they send cash and ask us to get what she wants, like she has a clue). We have yet to decide on the doctor coat and P is pressuring me because my surgery is coming up in late March. Yesterday we found an apron/hat/mitten set and it looked so darn cute we could not pass it up. We still need to find something smaller but the reality is that we doubt they make chef sets for infants, those would fit SS just fine. Abus, SS had a blast trying on her cooking gear and can't wait to get down and dirty in the real kitchen with Mama. Thank you guys.

P had a "learning experience" with SS during lunch. He used the restroom, and the ever present SS waited for her Baba to finish his business, then gave him a sincere "good job!" I'm sure P felt very special at the moment. :)

P called me to let me know that there was another earthquake in JJ's area, a 6.0 this time. It really sucks when something like this happens and we are not there with him. Then I called JJ, who did not even feel it, he found out from me.

SS was so happy about her attire that she broke into an impromptu rendition of the Halloween song.

Blouse: $1.00
Tights: $2.99
Feeding SS's Halloween obsession: Priceless

A phone picture to share her excitement with Baba.

Looks like SS is going to be using the apron for a very long time. P thinks she looks like a lobster.

Presenting the next Iron Chef.

This is one type of hat I did not have. Best part is that it has Velcro for adjusting.

SS was clearly impressed (or disturbed) by the size of the thumb, "BIG thumb Mama." Now she can use it to cheer her favorite team during Super Bowl.

SS has such a poker face (not). This one upon being told that there is only one mitten. She showed me her hands and said "Mama, two, dos." Yes sweetie, I am well aware of how many hands you have.

OK Mama, I think I can live with only one mitten. SS then broke into a song. Do they have Chef Idol?

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