Friday, February 05, 2010

Grandpa's Valentine's Gift.

SS and I arrived home to find a a package by our door. P told me during lunch that Grandpa sent SS a gift and that it should arrive tomorrow, so I knew that was it. SS wanted me to open it right away, because anything that arrives at our home is obviously for her. OK, that is the case 99.9% of the time, but why assume. I made SS wait until Baba came home, because I know he loves opening loot as much as SS does.

Grandpa does not follow our blog, he tried, but not only is my writing incredibly boring, but he disliked the format of the pictures. He prefers slide shows, but I loathe them, so he stopped dropping by. Meaning that he has no clue about SS's current obsession with guitars. I had been mulling over how to bring up a guitar as a birthday present for SS. Not a toy one, but nothing fancy either. I was worried about my intentions behind the gift. The last thing I want to do is push my kids to rectify my what ifs. Recently I realized that I have no emotional investment in SS playing an instrument, I just love how happy music makes her. Let's face it, her parents are not musicians, so the chances of SS learning to play an instrument early in life are slim. Grandpa took care of SS's guitar interest by giving her an ukulele.

To SS it is a guitar, wow, a baby version of the guitar Mr. Paul plays. SS was on string heaven and immediately got down to rock with her guitar. Her pecking at the strings reminded me of Mami. Grandpa gave SS a very important gift, but he also gave me a gift, a great gift, beautiful memories of Mami through SS. Darn you P for naming this child after Mami. If I get kicked out of the smart a$$ hall of fame I'm blaming it on you.

Grandpa, thank you so much for making SS's day.

Mama, I don't care that it is addressed to Baba, I'm telling you, this is for me.

Come on Baba, what are you waiting for? Let's open this package.

Hurry up Baba, I have a feeling this is going to be good.

Yeah, packing peanuts, just what I wanted!

Hmm, a book about playing a baby guitar.

Grandpa, how did you know that I LOVE Sn00py? It is such a well guarded secret.

Another instance of us "teaching" SS about something we have no clue about. I do that far more often than P.

Oh man, Mr. Paul and I are so going to jam together.

Could the Hawaiian slack key guitar be next?

P's trademark close up.

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