Monday, February 01, 2010

Grandpa's Christmas gift is finally fully functional.

P took Grandpa's gift to work this afternoon and asked for help. It took him, three of his coworkers and dish soap to get the darn top on SS's Cozy Coupe. P was the lighter one at 205 pounds, one of the guys is as big as JJ. So it took at least 800 pounds of men to get the top on. I know there is no way the Little Tykes folks would ever stumble upon our obscure blog. Heck, most of our relatives do even not bother to check up on SS. But since you never know, we need to get this off our chests. What the hell is wrong with you people? You have been manufacturing this toy for 30 years, SS has your (smaller and narrower) anniversary edition (we liked the eyes). Would it be asking too much for your people to make this easier to assemble?

I looked online Christmas Eve for assembly tips, because P's stress level was dangerously high and the expletives freely flying. The last thing I wanted was P to suffer a heart attack or stroke on Christmas eve/day. We are not the only ones to encounter this problem. We also do not have the option of paying the store for the assembly, as they do not offer that service. So Little Tykes people, how about some help for your consumers?

Why did it take so long? It has been raining a lot. Also, SS has so many toys, most hardly used, that we knew she would not be hurting for another one.

Grandpa, thank you for the gift, although the thought of SS behind the wheel in the future is truly frightening. SS was very excited when she saw her gift. We also chose the anniversary edition, because it can be used as a stroller of sorts. It has a removable floor board and a handle on the roof. We know how lazy SS can be and she will want us to push her, this way her feet won't be dragging. Now I have to return the other one, yep, we bought the regular model first.

Why baby proofing is a good idea. We keep scissors in the kitchen drawer, and we thought out of SS's reach. Besides, she has never shown any interest in that drawer. Last night P found his iPhone headphones vandalized, and there could only be one culprit. He also found that particular drawer open. At least she did not cut her hair, that would have really sucked. Then again, hair grows, the headphones are gone for good.

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