Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back in the water, albeit briefly.

SS finally migrated to her natural habitat of chlorinated water. I wanted to go yesterday, but P reminded me that with all the rain, the water would not be warm. This afternoon he dragged his feet, but finally gave in. As soon as SS saw towels, bathing suits and sunscreen she started to do a happy dance. That was quickly followed by strict orders to dress quickly and quit wasting time.

Our little girl proudly showed her pass, and almost jumped out of the stroller. P wanted to try the lazy lagoon first, but I got only knee deep and backed out. No way was I going to immerse my body into that chilly water. It was 88 degrees and that did not put a dent on it. We took SS to the kiddie area, hoping that once we were out in the sun it would help us brave the cold water later.

We were quickly rewarded with a glimpse of progress. Last summer SS would not climb on the very small children's slide on her own. One of us had to be beside her the whole time. Today she went up on her own and returned a few more times. She really enjoyed 3 out of the 4 slides they have. They fourth slide is a tunnel and SS is just not ready for that yet. SS even walked up the second steepest steps on her own.

It was so neat to watch SS slide, end up under water, get up with a huge smile on her face and say "That's fun. Again!" When she got in the water, she would do it on her belly. P thinks that she is ready to learn strokes this summer. He is the swimming instructor, so he must know what he is talking about. One of the things that is obvious now that she does not request our assistance is SS's lack of balance. It is not about strength, but about her birth circumstances and that time she was not home. We can't change it, and she will eventually catch up, but it royally sucks. So far SS is not aware of the difference so she happily wobbles along. One side of the slides does not have steps and is rather steep, so P had to come down and help SS up each time. He got an unexpected workout today.

After toasting our hides we gave the lazy lagoon a try. I thankfully had to go to the restroom and postponed the inevitable a bit. When I returned, P told me that the water was cold, but SS was not ready to get out. Time for me to bite it and get in, and I did, but only waist deep, and it was COLD. SS was shivering and still cried when we got her out, but there is no way we could let her be that cold. There is no fat in her body. The moose children around her had enough blubber to insulate them (said very tongue in cheek and with affection about said lardos). I can hear the Abus and Grandpa saying that would not happen if SS was in their respective islands.

We talked SS into sitting at the end of the adult slides and hoped that she would be entertained by watching people wipe out or yelp in agony once they hit the frigid water. After a while we returned to the kiddie area and SS returned to the slide she prefers. She had good momentum and ended up under water each time, getting colder. I suggested we go home and she emphatically said no. P suggested the same and got the hand. Since SS would not stop shivering, we made an executive decision and told her it was time to head home. SS was upset and cried, and that is understandable, because she does not get the concept that she can return any day. Hope that gets through to her soon. P rewarded his little fish with a treat, or a bribe, depending on your point of view. Looks like we will be spending a lot of time on the kiddie slides this summer.

Beautiful smile, terrible bed head.

Wetsuit and goggles on, ready to roll.

P was telling me how cold the water was as I was snapping the picture. I thought they were going to come out, but P asked me to put the camera back and get in with them. Misery does love company and he was not about to let me coward my way out. That water was COLD.

P found the tattoo meant for last Halloween and decided it was time for SS to show it off. When SS comes home with a real tattoo I will remind P who taught her how to desecrate her body. I have to admit that it suits her.

SS was mad at us for getting her out of the water and would not look at the camera. Even after offering her a treat. She is the see to believe type.

Blissfully munching on the reward Baba got her (fries and a vanilla shake) for being so intrepid on the slides. She inhaled the shake all by her tiny self and wanted more.


7:30 p.m., we missed water time. :)

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