Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another golden parenting moment brought to you by the magic that is us.

It is well known that SS is not a fan of Mondays, and her Baba having Mondays off has not helped.  Yesterday morning was not out of the ordinary. P brought a very cranky SS to our bed for her fifteen minutes of cartoon induced transition into the land of the living. Once her eyes were opened SS said "Today is a Monday when there is no school." Sure sweetie, if we listened to you you'll never go to school on Mondays, just hang out with Baba. Silly girl trying to take us for a ride. As I was getting closer to leave for work SS became more upset and repeated her assertion that there was no school. As I walked out the door she was screaming like a banshee in the bath, I kinda felt bad for P.

I don't answer my work phone until after ten, those two and a half hours are meant for us to actually get things done. And now there is a strict cell phones in your purse/backpack/car rule enforced. Imagine my surprise when my first message was P letting me know that what do you know, SS was telling the truth. What is more astounding is that we lame a$$es had a 5:30 appointment for a parent-teacher conference.  When I called P he had more to share, he actually walked SS into school. I asked him if the lack of traffic and children did not tip him off. SS had made such a fuss, was so angry that P was hell bent on not letting SS think her tantrum was going to work. He certainly showed her. He then told me that SS kept saying that there was an apple on the calendar for Monday, and P was wondering what she was smoking. The teacher marks days off on the classroom calendar with apples. That goes to show how tuned in we are with our baby girl.

We are not sure if SS's teacher was amused or horrified to hear how royally we screwed up that morning. We'll figure it out when the nice county social worker pays us a visit. We have been honest that this transition has had it bumps and we will continue to get hiccups along the way. I was on top of the school schedule last year, and I have obviously flaked out big time. For what it's worth, SS met me for lunch and did not look more traumatized than usual. And we did feel terrible and profusely apologized to SS for not believing her, and for being so incredibly lame.

Nice try you two, but a measly chocolate dipped cone is not going to make up for yesterday's humiliation. I expect loot, expensive loot.

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