Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SS gets a physical, a referral and two shots.

If we were responsible, caring parents, SS would have had her physical in July. Instead of admitting that we allowed a six year old to brow beat us, we are going to claim that our busy lives were at fault. We slacked off, it's who we are. In a move that is making me feel better about my shortcomings, P scheduled SS's appointment at 8:45 on a non school day! I am enjoying this more than I should at the cost of my baby's feelings. SS was a bear, as expected, and gave her Baba hell. But I had a trick up my ancient sleeve, I had a Spiderman shirt and ski cap waiting around for a special occasion. It would not make SS go silent into that physical, but it would help.

SS is now 44.5" tall, and as we reported last week 38.8 pounds, quite impressive to P and I. Because we still remember seeing and holding SS for the first time. Realizing how much our baby had missed, and wondering what was to come. But SS has consistently surprised us by how well she has developed. So much that our worries are usually brushed off , because what else could we ask for? Well, for  one, for SS to be fully screened, monitored, and given every possible opportunity at developing to her fullest potential.

Turns out we did get approval for physical therapy referral, but it never got to us. Oh well, stuff happens, we need to call and nag away. We are getting a neurological referral due to our concern about SS's lack of coordination, inability to pedal the smallest of trikes or bikes, and tripping on air. SS got a flu shot and the Hep A booster, and combined with her eye drop drama and shot, it turned into a nice Lego reward. 

Who is the super hero on the examination table?

It's none other than our Amazing SS!

SS tolerated the vitals just fine without unleashing her super powers on the medical assistant. Otherwise the young lady would have ended up covered in webs.

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