Saturday, November 16, 2013

That was a close one.

SS has a few more teeth to trade for cash, so we need to bring our A Game on our next Tooth Fairy excursion. SS woke up to use the bathroom when I made the trade at the hotel during our Legoland weekend. She did not seem to notice, but I was hoping not to have another close call again. That is a hell of of a tall order for SS's parents, since we don't plan, we just react.

Last night we had the tooth ransom money and made a mental note to get in SS's room before we both headed out to work.  Just as P was about to leave this morning I noted that we needed to make the switch. We tiptoed into SS's room and as we quietly reached the bed SS sat up straight, like she had hydraulics under her. I tried to think of something to say and abort the trade off. But P reached to kiss SS goodbye and swiped the tooth from under the pillow, while I slipped in the money. We were so Wonder Pets... team work! Yeah, we suck, there's nothing whimsical about how we do things. We do not live in Fairy Land, and can't bake masterpieces from scratch, nor sew elaborate costumes.

We just don't have that creative, bento lunch making, magical world creating gene in our DNA. Instead, we allow SS to listen to uncensored music, indulge her super hero obsession, allow her to miss school just because, and are pretty much pretty bad parents. Then why did almost getting caught this morning bothered us so much? Especially when I am dead set against lying to SS, children in general, but adopted children even more. Yet watching P's quick thinking and making that switch was pretty neat.

OMG! Is this what old age is about? We get off on a stupid switch, on pulling the wool over the eyes of an innocent six year old? Or maybe it is the simplest of joys, making a six year old girl happy. Of course we will pay our dues when the gig is up, but SS really enjoys the teeth for money racket. I still have some serious reservations about our actions, because I know when SS cottons up to our deceitfulness, I will be the one in the hot seat, not P.  But I must admit that I have a head start and can make a compelling case as to why I (while knowing better) went along with the silly charade.  Because watching SS's face light up is such a darn treat. Because looking at life through my children's eyes has taught me so much. Because that is why I took on another round of motherhood when everyone around me thought I was crazy. I had a grown kid, I was FREE. Sometimes being free is not such a good thing, when it is not the right time for you to be free.

That being said, we need to be more careful. 

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