Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Yes SS, there is a Great Pumpkin.

Abuela wondered why we had not posted Halloween pictures, since it is a big deal around here. SS and I have been battling The Common Cold for a few weeks now. P is somehow immune to this malady, and that is a good thing because the girl and I are both floored.  And what lousy timing because we are getting ready for a quick road trip and need all hands on deck.

Road trip is a big word, because we are only driving to Northern California to tie some loose ends. While we are beyond excited about this mini trip, we are also very cautious, because SS is NOT a road trip, let alone a car girl.  Another sign that she was meant to be Brad's and Angelina's child. The girl LOVES airplanes, and was a natural from the first time she stepped into one in Kunming. On our journey home she slept the four hour flight from Guangzhou to Tokyo. SS managed to remain awake the 10 hour flight from Tokyo to San Francisco, but not a peep out of her.  Her love affair with air travel remains strong. When Grandpa visited SS wistfully stated that it had been a long time since we had been on a plane. Really? Barely six months before we went to Puerto Rico, and there she was planning her next trip.

But place SS in a car for longer than a few hours and the beast within unravels.  By the second hour of our four hour drive to Laughlin SS was asking how long before we arrived.  And this is a child that had two movies to watch, her iPad, her iPod, drawing/coloring materials, and Legos. But she complained of boredom. We are totally afraid of the drive north since we are doing it in one day. Those are going to be 12 excruciating hours.

Today I received a call from the school nurse.  SS threw up in the playground, was resting at the nurse's office and needed to be brought home. Even better, she cannot return to school tomorrow. Great, a sick SS two days before we are to high tail it on a drive we are already dreading with her moody highness.  P took one for the team, again, missed half a day of work, and is on nurse duty tomorrow.  The things we took for granted when I was home with our tiny bundle of ever emerging crises.  SS's never ending cold is the reason for her vomiting. P medicated her, and we are crossing our fingers that SS is in a good mood Friday morning. I am willing to leave at midnight if it means that SS will sleep a big chunk of the drive.  Not sure if P will be agreeable to that plan. 

How did she manage to look bored with a mask on?

Tough super hero walk.

Don't even think about getting near my candy!

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Michelle said...

Haha she totally did look bored. Prayers for a smooth trip. I apologize if this posted multiple times. I kept getting booted off before I finished.