Friday, November 08, 2013

Footie pajamas, DOG and Iron Man comfort.

We left our driveway only 18 minutes after our planned 5:00 am departure. Not bad for us fly by the seat of our pants slackers. No The Great Santini like scene of P getting us out the door with military precision and discipline. We are grateful we got out the door.

P turned on the heater to make the van cozy for SS. We were completely packed when P brought her down from bed. But SS did not remain asleep, she is too excited about seeing her brother today. First words out her mouth " Today is a great day, I'm excited to see my brother."

Her excitement did not keep her from complaining about traffic. At 6:12 she broke her previous record by an hour when she asked if we are there yet. Can't blame SS as I just thought 12 hours on a plane would have us 2 hours from China. Seems like a better use of our time.

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