Friday, November 15, 2013


Last Saturday SS was looking at her brother's desk toys, ranging from a miniature Mr. Potato Head to neat puzzles. P and I did not think much about them in terms of quantity. Perhaps because P always made sure to keep my desk well stocked with novelties. I have boxes of Snoopy paraphernalia, a miniature filing cabinet, miniature shredder, mini etch a sketch and a pen that shoots Nerf missiles. I really need to dig in the garage for my box of goodies. So for us the normal stuff to find on someones desk. SS admired the toys for a while then shook her head and said "Well, well, well, someone sure has a lot of toys." Really SS, really? YOU are judging the amount of toys someone else has? We have a three bedroom house littered with your toys and you are being judgmental of a few desk toys? That comment along with the head shake and tone was just priceless.

SS lost another teeth at school today. It's the gap on the upper left. SS admitted to pulling the tooth herself and was proud that it didn't hurt. The best part is that she was so excited about the Tooth Fairy that she went to bed without being asked.

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