Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Look who's about to hit the big four oh?

We are not done with SS's excellent Monday adventure, no siree. Even though P thought it was a school day he decided to make a doctor's appointment for SS at 10:45 that morning.  Yes, the girl starts school at eight, and out by one forty five, but that is how my husband rolls. I always made her appointments after school. I can already hear P snickering about how I had a very open schedule then, only disturbed by my wine tasting, tele novelas, and tea parties. We just have different approaches, and as long as the kid's needs are met no worries.

Lately SS has been in a no doctor of any kind phase, but we have postponed her physical, eye and dental exams far too long. So off to the pediatrician they went hoping to find a way to stop The Cough. Other than keep giving OTC meds and stay away from dairy the pediatrician did diddly squat. That reminds us that we need to look for another pediatrician. Hard to believe but P managed to get SS in an even more foul mood by requesting a flu shot. Seriously, what the hell kind of sweat shop is my husband running in my absence?

SS dodged that bullet due to her cold, but will return next Tuesday for her flu shot and physical. P did have amazing news for me.  SS is on her way to heavy weight status, she is topping the scales at a jaw dropping 38.8 POUNDS of love baby!  If she keeps this up she should reach the forty pound mark by her seventh birthday. We remain hopeful since starting next week we are plying SS with eggnog until the new year. 

And to answer the post title's question.. "It's me, it's me, tiny but mighty me!

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