Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another fun, enabling moment brought to you by Baba.

Last night we took SS to see the new Captain America movie, and of course she was decked out in her costume. I did not know that the movie was two and a half hours, and that meant SS did not make it to bed until past ten. But it was well worth keeping SS up that late. She was SO excited about the outing, and even more excited about donning her costume.

But SS being her quirky self, made us laugh a few times during the movie. Right from the beginning she complained about how loud it was. The child should now better by now, especially where action movies are concerned. I had to hold her shield while she covered her ears. Then a character died and SS was brokenhearted, and about to burst in tears.  No matter how much we remind her that it is make believe, it still upsets SS. She looked at me and said, "But Mama, even if it's not real is sad."

And as usual, by the one hour mark SS wanted to cuddle, and was on my lap until the end of the movie. I must admit that it makes me feel good that she still does that. Before we know it she'll be embarrassed to be seen with her parents, so we cherish these moments with our Velcro girl. And for those two and a half hours we were both so grateful we did not have to sit through a crappy princess movie.  SS watched Frozen on the flight to Maui, and bamboozled me into watching with her on the flight back. OMG, that was such a painful experience and one I do not wish to repeat. 

SS's shield protects from bad guys, and comes in handy to keep the sun from her face. When I saw her do this I pointed the phone towards her and SS immediately went into ham mode, mugging for the camera. I wanted her to keep the shield up to capture this, but she did not get it. Camera points at her, she mugs, it's conditioning. I finally had to explain "I don't want to see your face." That cracked P up, taking a picture but hide your face. See P I exposed my lameness on the blog per your request.

How precious is this child?

This is serious business. And before Grandpa asks, SS did wear her glasses when the movie started, she just took them off for the pictures to avoid glare.

We foresee another costume in SS's near future.

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