Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Our miniature Nostradamus.

SS certainly has her moments, she can be insightful, funny, and just plain weird. As we made our third stop in Maui after landing, less than two hours on the island, something caught her eye. As we were walking towards the store SS observed "Hey there's only Hawaii license plates here." We had no idea she even paid attention to license plates.  SS can be observant when she wants to.  This never happens when there's Legos all over the floor and we ask her to pick them up.

A few weeks ago we were watching The Little Couple, a reality show about a couple with dwarfism who adopted a son from China, then six months later a daughter from India. Sadly during their trip to India the mother had to return to the US alone, due to heavy bleeding. She was then diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and is thankfully now in remission. As Jen, the mother is relating her excessive bleeding and subsequent decision to fly home, SS was quiet, taking it all in. During the commercial. SS decided to let me in on what was going on. "Mama, when J is talking about her bleeding, she means from her girly private parts." What is remarkable about this is that we never use such an archaic term at home. Girly private parts? WTH?  This is the down side of her listening to her peers.  Trying to drive her point home SS proceeds, "she is talking about her vagina Mama." Got it, and thank you so much for using proper terminology.

P was slicing tri-tip for dinner when we arrived home last week. I grabbed a plate and told him I could slice SS's for her. Due to her difficulty chewing she needs smaller pieces. SS dismissed my offer for help, she said "Nah, he's got it." Funky chicken.

Last week SS topped herself.  As we were driving home from B&G she said "So Baba stayed home all day." No SS, your father works, the same way I work when he drives you to and from school.  As we neared our house I pointed out that the car was in the driveway, so Baba had arrived before us. SS asked me "Did he buy something.?" I knew P had picked up some things for dinner, but that is irrelevant to SS. Buying something in her world is buying something for her. So I said I did not know.  SS responds "I know he did, the front tire is turned this way." Huh? Once I helped SS out of her carseat she explained, the driver's side front tire was indeed turned towards the left.  SS looks at me like it's the most natural connection to make. "His tire is turned, he bought something." Of course once we got in the house and SS saw the grocery bags she was smug as hell because her "prediction" was spot on. I'll be darned, we have our own miniature Nostradamus. Nah, we think she is more of a psychic friend.

We need to invest on a Lego table for our tiny aficionado. It's something we have had on our to do list for a while. They are not cheap, but SS spends so much time building that we feel bad she does not have a proper table to build larger things.

We are enjoying SS's feast stage lately, and I swear we do more than go out to eat. P received a gift card at his last safety training, and he wanted to treat JJ to a local sushi place we love that has all you can eat sushi. Here's one moment I did not anticipate, my Puerto Rican son teaching my Chinese daughter how to use chopsticks.

Usually SS's chicken katsu dinner comes home barely touched, and she takes it to school the next day for lunch.SS usually fills up with miso soup, goyza, and the sushi she picks from our plates. Not only did SS eat all her katsu, she also polished that soup, and topped it off with sushi rolls.  SS will likely go into her famine phase soon, so we are enjoying watching her eat while it lasts.

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