Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Maui dreams.

No, this is not a post about the dive school where I became certified. It's official, SS is in love with Maui. When her excitement over our little trip had SS shouting at the top of her lungs, at five in the morning, when a jet flew low over us, I worried a little. We were waiting for our shuttle to the airport, and I thought, man, what if the reality does not live up to SS's expectations. It's obvious SS had a blast, because she is already planning her next trip. She is going to have to get a part time job if she wants to return next year.  SS talks about Maui daily, and of her love of seafood.  The other day at 5:30, as I was slowly getting her to wake up,  she snuggled up to me and said "Mama, I LOVE lobster." 

SS is now and out and proud seafood and sushi lover. California rolls have been her favorite, but now she is expanding her horizons. On JJ's birthday she surprised us by placing ginger on her rolls. A small portion, but that can be daunting for a child SS's age. I am not ready to get her anywhere near wasabi, because we still misjudge at times and it is painful. But it does clear sinuses in no time. P was mentioning recently that peer influence notwithstanding, he is so pleased with SS's eating habits. Well, the girl did not stumble upon seafood and sushi on her own. And when she has tried the old I only eat cheese pizza from now on stunt, it is P that immediately puts SS in her place. And we are still standing firm on the no way are we paying for a PB&J, mac and cheese or corn dogs when we dine out. SS can eat that crap at home. Our baby is growing up, and our meals are about to get more expensive.

I just could not resist, it was the best gift I have ever received after JJ and SS.And I totally get you SS, reality sucks, let's keep dreaming.  Damn, we did not take SS by the shop, and worst, we did not get her, or us a T-shirt. Must rectify this soon.

Damn, she looks good!

Our first dinner in Maui, SS's chicken katsu looks yummy. And she did end up having sushi from our plates.

Not the best picture of SS , but it shows their collaboration that night. SS drew Batman and JJ drew The Joker. 

Oh yeah, we'd rather lay around in a comfy condo, while stealing everyone else's electronic devices for our amusement. Hey, don't you have your own freaking iPad? It was a few feet away in the master bedroom, so SS simply grabbed the nearest tablet.

 SS is also into fish tacos now, so we need to find a good place around here.

At another dinner with Grandpa.

SS made sure to have her favorite rolls but also expanded her horizons. She was immediately attracted to the Tamago sushi.

This roll was made for SS, white rice, egg, tied with seaweed. I had my first one in British Columbia. Here we go dreaming again... good memories.

SS made me feel ashamed when she eagerly decided to crack her own crab leg. Here's an embarrassing fact, it is something I had never attempted. Yep, I drive big trucks across the state without a second thought, but every crab or lobster I have had, P has done the hard work. He always gets the meat and feeds us. Dude, that is like, lame and selfish. It hit me then and there that while he can get on my last nerve, P can be rather accommodating at times. Also at that point, P had hardly had any of the crab he looked so forward to eating. Time to pay it back, and I attempted cracking my first crab leg.

Check this out, not bad for my first effort.  And as soon as it came out SS said YUM and reached for it, because really, her Baba can get his own damn crab meat. She not only ate this one but quite a bit more. I made sure to feed P a  big chunk too. Turns out I'm pretty good at this.  I know it does not make up for the past 20 years, but it is a start.

We just realized SS is two fisting crab and sushi, Grandpa will be proud.

SS still had place in that tiny stomach for a giant strawberry dipped in chocolate.

It's not Maui, but life is good.

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