Thursday, April 03, 2014

Dining outside.

When we lived in student housing eating outside was our norm. Our house was very small, and it was hotter than Hades. But we had AC, and it was only the three of us, so it was doable. Yet we just liked eating on our poorly built terrace, it was our thing. A big shocker to moving to the County without milk, where a 66% temperature was considered a heat wave, was losing something so dear to us. P tried, we got him the Father's day grill.  He even bought a very nice, expensive canopy (it rains a lot up there), but it wasn't the same. We managed a handful of times in ten years. When we moved to the Conservative (as in blatantly racist) County we had higher temperatures than in So Cal, but it wasn't the same. It was something the three of us did pre SS. We were surprised we did not return to our al fresco dining when SS came home.

On my way to get SS from B&G I suggested to P that we have dinner on the patio. I was surprised to arrive home and not only was dinner ready, but the patio table was ready for us as well.  We get a nice breeze in the afternoons, which is a blessing in the blistering heat of summer. This afternoon was 66 degrees, and that breeze made for a chilly dinner. But the three of us needed this, to sit outside and revisit a really good time in our lives.  SS was oblivious how much it meant to us, but she was a trooper and with her hoodie she was just fine. We look forward to many more backyard dinners in the months to come.

On my drive to work after dropping off SS. I wish my hurried, taken with one hand without looking picture could do justice to the sun rising above the hill. I do not get that view on my drive from our house.

I found SS this afternoon with her friend D. Love the contrast of their hair, both amazingly beautiful in their own way.

SS had two generous servings of spaghetti and sausage. Her preschool teachers called her Carb Girl and she lived up to her name.

In between pasta servings SS had her salad. P loves blue cheese dressing as evidenced by the big Bob's Big Boy jar on the picture above. JJ absolutely dislikes the stuff, and I have slowly warmed up to it after much prodding from P over the years. I can now tolerate it when paired with hot chicken wings. SS is her Baba's daughter, she had a choice of 1000 Island (which she hands down preferred as a toddler), Olive Garden and blue cheese. She never considered anything but blue cheese.

The Mahi Mahi duo.

Darn it got chilly quickly.

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