Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter egg hunts.

Yesterday SS participated in an egg hunt sponsored by a church youth group at B& G club.  SS usually scores at least two Easter egg hunts a season, but with my return to work, we did not know if SS would make one this year. P stepped up and paid the $10 fee so SS could get at least one egg hunt this year. It was a disaster.  The first Easter egg hunt where kids were left crying because they did not find an egg. There were not that many kids, about 23, and why in hell did they not have more than a handful of eggs. SS got two, one found by her group leader and one found by P. SS gave one egg to her friend S, the guy who relentlessly courts SS. Our baby girl has a good heart.

Bouncy house fun.

Off they go.

We felt really bad for SS so I went Online and found an egg hunt that was taking place this morning.

They divided the kids in age groups in 15 minute intervals.

Ready to go with her Spiderman basket. Cute as hell outfit a gift from the Abus.

Darn there was quite a crowd, and they had five age categories.

And off she went. Initially adults were not allowed in the field, and that was scary.  SS out in a sea of kids made me anxious. Granted, the area was fenced, but I do have irrational fears about my kids getting lost/abducted in plain daylight.  At a point I lost track of SS and was upset.  JJ to the rescue, with 7 inches in height above me he reassured me he had a visual on his sister at all times.

Love SS's is that it? face.

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