Thursday, April 17, 2014

Knott's Berry Bloom

My work really gets in the way of our fun. First it was our blink and you miss it trip to Maui. Now is less time to hang around Knott's. We are really looking forward to Soak City and hope we can get more than a couple of visits this summer.  Sunday was our last opportunity to make it to Knott's Berry Bloom. There's no way we would want to be at the park on Easter Sunday. I did not suggest to SS to wear the bunny outfit Grandpa sent her last year, because SS is on an outright raging war against the color pink. She had a meltdown last year when I showed her a very cool blouse, because it had a tiny pink heart. SS absolutely loathes the color and I'm being respectful of her feelings. Imagine our surprise when SS requested to wear her bunny outfit.

The kids go to four stations on their scavenger hunt, and then they find the Easter Beagle.

Since when has SS followed the rules? She found the Easter Beagle before starting her hunt, and there is no way we would pass up a photo op.

The lion looked quite docile to us, SS had to add some roar.

P is sexy and he knows it. SS did not get to wear the ears that came with the outfit last year. They were too big on her, and even this year they kept falling off.

Waiting for the Peanuts Party to begin.

I love SS's expression.

What do you know, Arroz Blanco joined the party.

In the evening Knott's has Bloomination,  a fun yet seizure inducing music and dancing extravaganza. It was SS's first exposure to stilts, and she was fascinated by them. So much that she forgot about being scared of sitting on P's shoulders. But there were beads to be had, so SS sucked it up.

Triumphantly showing her beads.

We felt so bad for the owners of this vehicle. The culprit left a note with contact info, but man it had to suck.

Not only is my husband smoking hot, but he has moves. They look so damn cute together.

Having dizzy fun together.

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