Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

JJ was not happy with SS's paltry eggs from her two egg hunts. He decided he was going to provide SS her own private Easter egg hunt. JJ went to the store while SS and I stayed in the van. He not only picked up plastic eggs for the hunt, but also got eggs for coloring.  There was no need for cloak and dagger since SS has cottoned up to the fact the the Easter Bunny is not real. As we were leaving the park yesterday SS asked me in a very matter of fact way if the Easter Bunny was real, because she had doubts. I have always maintained that I do not agree with lying to children, and that when SS asked I would tell her the truth. And that is exactly what I did, I told SS the truth. She wanted to know why make something up. I explained to SS that parents like to treat their kids on special occasions , and the idea of a bunny that brings treats was born out that desire. SS seemed OK with my lame explanation.  SS started driving P batty this morning at 6:00 a.m., because she was ready for her egg hunt. But this morning the sprinklers were on, so she had to cool her heels for a while.

SS really enjoyed knowing that she was the only kid searching for eggs.

Looking for that last egg.

JJ did a great job hiding this egg, it was on the handle of the grill cover.

A quick change of clothes and it was egg coloring time.

SS even got to mix colors for her egg creations.

SS made this egg for her Mama. 

SS is very proud of her egg coloring skills.

Then it as time for SS to receive her Easter basket, and of course it had super hero gifts inside.

SS received a Batman toy and a Captain America toy.

And a Superman rash guard to round up the super hero theme.  Plus summer is just around the corner and SS is going to spend a lot of time in the water.

You know you did well when your child exclaims "Wow Mama you guys got me A LOT."

Thanks JJ for making SS's day so special.

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