Saturday, January 30, 2010

Making biscuits.

Guys, it's Saturday, and you both have had a tough week. Baba, you work way too much, and Mama, well, you are with me 24/7, enough said. Now, I know you just got your kitchen back to a (semi) decent state, but I have an awesome idea. Guess what? I'm making biscuits. Don't worry, you won't even notice I was using flour, butter and buttermilk here, really.

Buttermilk? I know butter and thanks to your draconian way I certainly know milk, when did they combine the two? Why does it not taste like a sweet mixture of butter and milk?
BTW, my Rudolph nose is caused by a giant freaking pimple.

Once all ingredients were mixed, combined and kneaded, Baba took over. Mama was busy rinsing yucky, sticky stuff.

Baba showing SS the art of biscuit cutting (although it was his first time, they do sell the stuff at KFC). P was a good sport as usual, and really enjoyed involving SS in yet another task neither of us had a clue about. Who cares what they taste like? SS was enjoying herself and we were grinning like idiots.

SS's first solo biscuit cut.

Oh yeah, she got the hang of it.

SS used the leftover dough to practice her kneading. We might have to make the stuff for her to play, because it really captivated her attention.

How much fun did SS have with the dough?

Let's see...

This much fun!

I made those biscuits.

Relaxing with her cigar. SS does not use a binky, and we tried our best since China. We took the Halloween binkies with us (she had about 10 more at home, the Snoopy ones are precious). We tried in China and for about a month at home and then gave up. They are still around, and every now and then, SS just needs a very quick binky fix. We much rather that she would use a binky when she is tired or for comfort. Nope, SS uses a binky like some people take an occasional drag of a cigarette. Add that one to her long list of quirks. :)

We know it is not hygienic to have SS on the counter. However, we only allow her to do this when it is just the 3 or 4 (JJ) of us. SS likes her biscuits with butter and honey, just like Baba. SS and I missed our short days, and the heat from the oven kept us cozy (even though it was in the 40s). We pretended that it was a summer day.

Just because...

Sharing with Mama.

I'm still sporting a souvenir from the 20 minutes with an IV on Monday. I hate it that I bruise so easily.

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