Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another freaking rainy, cold day.

It has rained for the past three days the water park is open but the heck if we are getting in that cold water. SS keeps longingly looking at her pass where it is hanging for now. Poor baby. Here are a few phone pictures from Wednesday.

The girl can definitely wear a hat. Heck she makes everything look good.

That Diego dude sure is funny.

Our dainty little flower.

I wasted two hours trying to get SS down for a nap. She was crabby and really needed to rest. That of course translates into no sleep. I gave up and we went to to the grocery store, where SS promptly fell asleep. It was also raining, I am glad I had towel in the van, and SS got much needed sleep.

Making good use of my Mother's Day gift.

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