Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Cinco de Mayo Door Gremlin strikes.

We had a very uneventful Cinco de Mayo, but P scored tacos for lunch and dinner. The man can eat them daily (only home made, he won't touch them elsewhere), but SS and I like variety. P had his monthly safety meeting and the boss provided home made tacos. I did not think of the date and texted P to ask if he wanted tacos for dinner, and his answer was "absolutamente." At least SS and I did not have them twice, plus P prefers how I fry corn tortillas, he is not a fan of the pre made, baked stuff. We also had margaritas, and SS had her first virgin one (yuck, even with Equal), because she has to have whatever we have. Given her energy level and our sleep deprivation, we still could not give her tequila. We swear it was only a less than three second contemplation.

This evening I was in the kitchen, P was outside and SS was playing with her metropolis table in what should be our dining area. I walked over to check on SS and noticed that the front door deadbolt was locked. P would not do that and SS can't reach. She can't reach at three feet, but with her handy dandy stools (provided by her stupid parents), she has six extra inches of evil. I asked her to show me, because although the stool provided the necessary extra height, I did not think SS had the strength to move the lock. That and we have a blog, it's the second video. :)

SS has been using her stools for a while, but mainly to turn lights and fans on and off. About a month ago I started to find the sliding door unlocked and P noticed that it was SS. Now we have to check before we go to bed. Those things did not worry us much, but now she can open the door and walk outside. As parents it is neat to see SS figuring things out, her neurons are firing, wheels are turning, and she is taking more risks. As parents we also worry about SS's safety, we need to be a step ahead of her, and quite frankly, that is not always the case.

No wonder she is a ham.

She knows the rule but refuses to follow it.

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