Monday, May 17, 2010

Super Lady Bug

SS has hit the super hero stage, and since we only have three readers we are going to reveal her super secret identity... Super Lady Bug! SS's "cape" is a bib we got for her eons ago that we knew she'd probably never use, but it had a matching hat, and how cute is that when you do not have to be practical (during the wait). There was also a bumble bee bib set, but it did not appeal to SS.

Now our daughter insists on leaving the house wearing her cape. Thankfully it is seen as adorable, or people are too polite to tell me that my daughter is wearing her bib the wrong way, and how dumb I am not to notice. In an effort to foster good will with the mere mortals she is going to protect (no, you don't get a choice, she is going to "help"), Super Lady Bug gave us a the scoop on her world debut. We are impressed that our efforts to protect SS's identity have rubbed off, just look at that costume, no one will ever know SLB's true identity.

P just got back from a pharmacy run for SS, nothing serious, over the counter. SS has turned into a picker and it is causing problems. Right now she is mad at me because she is sporting a big Band@id on her arm, because she would not stop picking at her mosquito (we think) bite. She is royally teed off that she can't get to it. Skin pickers are a problem, her father is one and has the bloody body parts to show. No way we could let her get that bad.

SS developed a few pimples on her buttocks, and she would have been fine if she had left them the blankety blank alone. But SS is one resourceful little soul (who moonlights as savior of the world) and manages to get her hands where they should not be. When Mama was not looking SS went to town on her buttocks and worsened the situation in no time.

SS was miserable, truly miserable, and in an effort to make it better P used an itching cream that Abu had provided us. Before my brain could engage what the cream was, P had lathered it all over SS's very sensitive nalgas (bum) and our daughter lost it. She wailed like we probably have not heard before. Not only is it gut wrenching to witness your child in such distress, but the worst moment was when SS between sobs asked "why Baba?" Dude that tore us apart. P would never do anything to purposefully hurt his kids, and add a child with trust issues and it truly sucks to hear that. Here comes a truly silly moment, I wish it was me, that is how bad I felt for the guy. I held SS tight and reassured her, while P wiped off the offending cream, cleaned the area, aired it and applied SS's drug of choice Tin (a.k.a. Desit*n). Poor baby, we placed her naked from the waist down on our bed with the overhead fan on (on a waterproof pad, heh). SS is finally calm and I think P and I are going to survive the guilt we are feeling.

Sorry SS, we are making an emergency extra (triple) deposit to your therapy fund.


Your very dense parents.

P.S. Our intellectual short comings are not contagious. We think, better check with your brother.

SS modeling her Irish Rican T-shirt. The logo does not show that well, but there is video below, and the picture can be enlarged.

Guys, no need for the shirt, just one look at me and how can anyone not think Irish Rican?

Faster than a speeding bullet...

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Cutest little bug in town!