Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A healed bum means never having to say you're sorry.

It looks like the lack of permanent disfigurement of her buttocks is a big plus in SS's decision to forgive us. Her bum looked so much better this morning and I quickly bathed her and dressed her in jeans and a long sleeve shirt. That was a huge sacrifice because SS expects my clothes to be similar to hers. I bit the bullet and wore the same, and if that does not spell l-o-v-e I don't know what does. But we needed to keep her sneaky fingers away from her skin. We are not really sure that she has completely forgiven, since she refused to taste dinner before us, so she is off kitchen duty for a while.

SS found the lady bug cap to complete her outfit. She is about to take off flying in this picture. The funny thing is that we have a lady bug costume we bought for SS before she came home. It was intended for her first Halloween, but P could not have her wear it in good conscience because back then SS was obsessed with ducks. That is how P ended up spending an obscene amount of money on a duck costume to be worn once. He is a good Baba. Maybe we can get SS to wear her LB costume now.

SS has mastered the art of blending in, something very important for super hero survival. P was cracking up at the thought of attention phobic me walking around with our daughter. I tried to distract her to take the cap away, then thought what the heck she is three and using her imagination. I am sure that when she is a teenager we will need these moments to get us through the really tough moments.

The title is more appropriate for a p0rn flick than a children's book. SS is in love with Diego. Yesterday I showed her a pair of Dora flip flops and she would not look at them. Had to buy her the Diego ones to get her accept the Dora ones.

SS asked me to take a picture of her "JJ hat." Maybe now she will leave her brother's hats alone. Nah, not a chance. But she is so proud to have a hat like his.

She left the house as Super Lady Bug and returned as... Super Pimp!

I realized that SS has outgrown her Vans. Honestly, I have no idea how she got her feet in there. We lucked out with these new kicks, totally SS, and are now her "Halloween shoes."

The 99 cent store is a great place to find things to keep SS occupied. Good thing she found the fan vent or she would have screamed her head off for me to "blow Mama."

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